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November 3.1983-Britain will Sphinx beard restitution Egypt

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November 3, 1983, September 29) (Guihai years, the UK will Sphinx beard returned to Egypt.

guarding the lower amount beard in pre-open Luo Jisa the District three major pyramids sphinx (Sphinx) and finally from the British returned to Egypt.
Sphinx's beard turned up to 5 meters. 1817, a colonialist plunder beard dedicated to the UK, said that the "loyalty" of the British Empire, and never has been "stored" in the British Museum. This beard is 75 cm long, with a diameter of about 40 cm, and weighs 400-500 kg.
Egyptian government has repeatedly put forward to the British government to the return of this precious relics, some of Britain's clinging tightly colonialism insisted refused. It is said that they are worried about "precedent once opened, after things difficult. "In 1982, the Egyptian culture minister to visit the United Kingdom, he again formally proposed and demanded the return of the beard of the Sphinx. The British government decided to return the beard of the Sphinx in Egypt before the end of the year.

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