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November 4.1913-Yuan Shikai ordered the dissolution of the KMT

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November 4, 1913 (on October Guichou the seventh day), Yuan Shikai ordered the dissolution of the KMT.

Yuan Shikai ordered the dissolution of the KMT
1913 11 4, further clearing the obstacle to the restoration of the monarchy, Yuan Shikai ordered the dissolution of the Kuomintang (? v history today?? com) and disqualification of Members of the KMT, the collection of its Members certificate.
since the KMT's victory in the parliamentary elections, Yuan has been deeply disturbing. Support the use of the Progress Party, the fight against the opposition Kuomintang. October 14, Temple of Heaven in the draft constitution finalized a lot of restrictions on presidential power, Yuan Shikai much dissatisfaction compelled to modify YUAN Shi Kai raised requirements, but it has not adopted the Constitution Drafting Committee of the Kuomintang Members majority . 30, 2009, the Constitution completed 3 Reading, and submitted to the Constitutional Convention on November 3, prepared to publish. Yuan Shikai identity presidency on November 4, seized the Imperial University of martial law at the grounds of the dozens of letters between Mr Li Lieh-chun and the KMT secret power, an excuse KMT participation in rebellion, ordered the dissolution of the KMT. Northern military police that afternoon, seizure of the KMT headquarters. Certificate, badge and surrounded by the Congress in the 5th collection of KMT members. Been seized within two days of the certificates, badges Members of more than 430 people, more than Congress half, resulting in Congress due to lack of quorum and close-out. 10, 2009, the Constitution Drafting Committee to dissolve itself. On the 12th, the Yuan Shikai government ordered the disqualification of the Provincial Councils KMT Members. On the 14th, the President of the Senate, the Royal hsiang, Conference House Speaker Tang Hualong joint statement, announced that Congress was suspended. 26, Yuan Organization Queen of the political meeting to usurp the terms of reference of the Congress. January 10, 1914, Yuan announced the dissolution of Parliament, Members funded the repatriation of membership. February 28, Yuan has ordered the dissolution of the Provincial Councils. hand-painted
Sun Yat-sen, the KMT party emblem

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