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November 4.1946-Communist China attacked the "Sino-US FCN Treaty"

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The CPC, November 4, 1946 (October 11) BingXu criticized the "Sino-US FCN Treaty. the

Communist China attacked the "Sino-US FCN Treaty"
"Sino-US Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treaty
after World War II, the United States as the fight against the revolutionary forces of the Chinese people, becomes the exclusive colony, November 4, 1946, (l $ djτ . ōrɡ) signed by the Nanjing National Government Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Shijie and U.S. Ambassador John Leighton Stuart, the signing of the "Sino-US FCN Treaty" (referred to as the "American Treaty"). In December (lsjt.net) KMT government's ambassador to the United States in the New York meeting of the National Foreign Trade, Wellington Koo statement: "American Treaty, all the Chinese territory are open to the Americans".
providers about where 30 of the main content:
(1) United States nationals in China enjoy living, travel, business, including freedom engaged in the manufacturing of processing, culture, education, religion and philanthropy; views of the lease, occupied housing, leasehold land, the right to freedom of choice of agents or employees.
(2) of U.S. goods in China to pay import and export duties and local tax of to enjoy Chinese goods and equal treatment of third country goods. (. Com)
(3), on the U.S. ships, including warships, including any ports open in China, local or territorial waters of freedom of navigation, if necessary, can be opened into any open port, local or territorial waters.
suppliers on the surface the two sides enjoy the rights, but Chinese production backward, undeveloped ocean transportation, can not be achieved, in fact just the United States unilaterally enjoyed in China's political, economic, military, and ideological and cultural privileges. Commercial treaty concluded by the strong opposition of the Chinese people from all walks of life. February 1, 1947, the CPC Central Committee issued a statement, noting that "these measures of the Chinese Nationalist government, totally contrary to the will of the Chinese people, has made and will continue to make the Chinese civil war in reactionary Kuomintang government does not recognize all traitorous pact humiliating, colonization, the chaos and the collapse of the crisis ".
November 26, the "Liberation Daily" published an editorial: "A criticism of American Treaty. The editorial pointed out that: "Sino-US FCN Treaty, signed by the government of Chiang Kai-shek and U.S. imperialism in Nanjing is the most shameful in the history of the traitorous treaties, Chiang's government as the U.S. subsidiary of the country's one of the major signs of the Chinese nation Once again the new national humiliation. The suppliers included in the scope of the "Territory" extremely difficult to enjoy the rights of the Chinese people on their territory, including the content. Did not dare to Yuan Shikai, Wang Jingwei, Chiang Kai-shek's to obtain civil war capital, flagrantly to do. the
12 31, the CPC Central Committee and to this end to give directions, proposed to "cause the most extensive lineup", "to take the offensive" righteous, "this movement against the American colonies, to the isolated U.S. and Chiang Kai-shek The China Way to expand. " (L $ jτ.cń)

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