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November 7.1917-The outbreak of the Russian October Revolution

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November 7, 1917 (, Dimba September 23), the outbreak of the Russian October Revolution. November

The outbreak of the Russian October Revolution
1917 revolution gunfire broke out in Petrograd
November 1917 October Revolution in Russia full-blown.
the outbreak of World War I, the Russian Revolution situation is rapidly maturing. In February 1917, Russia broke out in the second bourgeois-democratic revolution, the overthrow of the czar system, but side by side the situation of the bourgeois Provisional Government and soldiers Soviet two regimes. In April, Lenin returned from abroad, published April Theses proposed transition from the bourgeois democratic revolution to the tasks of the socialist revolution. According to the instructions of Lenin, the Bolshevik Party to the masses in advocacy and leadership of the workers and soldiers repeatedly held demonstrations. September and October asked the revolutionary situation fully mature, the Movement for the Liberation unprecedented.
the Provisional Government attempted to pre-empt the Bolshevik Party, launched an armed uprising. On November 2, the interim government to send cadets occupied the most important stronghold of Petrograd, and trying to closure of the Bolshevik Party workers of the road "and" soldiers "reported hunting down the leaders of the Bolshevik Party, cut off Petrograd Soviet telephone workers' district, the secret order Petrograd military sub-district commander sent troops to attack the Smolny - location of the Revolutionary Military Commission. on
11 6, Lenin wrote to the Central Committee of the Party, to arrest any event in the evening the staff of the interim government disarm cadets. According to the instructions of Lenin, the Bolshevik Party decided to be held in the Russian calendar, November 6 (October 24) in advance armed uprising. At this time, the soldiers of the Petrograd garrison and the Kronstadt sailors and workers of the Red Guards, has been transferred under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party. The middle of the night, Lenin came to Smolny, personally led an armed uprising.
the night of November 6 to the morning of the 7th, the workers of the Red Guards and revolutionary soldiers, sailors, under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party and quickly occupied the Petrograd's main bridges, railway stations, post offices, national banks and government agencies strategic places; at 9:00 on the 7th, the occupation of the arteries leading to the Hermitage - temporary seat of government. Prime Minister Kerensky Provisional Government desperate to escape the U.S. Embassy car ride after makeup.
five p.m., the uprising of workers and soldiers surrounded the Winter Palace. Revolutionary Military Committee ordered the unconditional surrender of the interim government in six twenty, but the interim government expect frontline transferred back reinforcements, a last-ditch. In the nine forty-five, parked on the Neva "Aurora" cruiser empty gun sent a signal to the Winter Palace was mounted; Then, the general offensive launched by the Red Guards and revolutionary soldiers to the Hermitage, Hermitage before one hundred seventeen marble ladder and the Hermitage, one thousand and five room close combat with the enemy to start the hand-to-hand combat. At 2:00 on the 8th, the Hermitage all been captured, all 16 ministers of the interim government have been arrested. the
At the same time, the night of November 7, the All-Russian sappers Soviet Second Congress held in Smolny. Adopted and published by the Conference in November 8 Lenin drafted accuse soldiers of workers and farmers Book Peace Act and the Land Act. Peace Act "to each warring government and people to recommend an end to the war, the conclusion is not to cede territory and pay reparations and about. Land Act provide for the abolition of private ownership of land from landlords, the implementation of national land ownership, the land allocated to the labor farmers to cultivate. The meeting solemnly declared all power to the Soviets, election set up a provisional government of workers and peasants - the People's Committee. Lenin was elected as the Chairman of the People's Committee. The People's Committee of the People's Commissariat of the Interior, Agriculture, Labor, army and navy, trade, industry, education, finance, foreign affairs, justice, food, post and telecommunications, Ethnic Affairs and railway thirteen. the 7-16 day
11, (the L $ djτ.ЙЁT) Soviet regime in Moscow, to establish. November 1917 -1918 in February-March, the first from the city to the countryside, the Soviet regime established throughout the country. the
October Revolution established the economic foundation of socialism, and the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council as the country's national economic management organs. (L $ jτ.cń)
the establishment of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army, workers, civilian police and the courts. The establishment of the Soldiers 'and Peasants' Deputies organs and the People's Commissariat. In January 1918, convened the Third Congress of Soviets, to approve the "exploitation of a declaration on the rights of working people", officially announced in Russia as the Soldiers 'and Peasants' Deputies of the Republic. Working people to become masters of the country. Implementation of the nationalization of land, the elimination of national oppression, the abolition of the classification hierarchy and privilege level limit, the abolition of discrimination against women, oppression, announced that all residents collectively referred to as citizens, and to ensure the leadership of the proletariat of the country and education.
October Revolution produced the world's first country a dictatorship of the proletariat, a new era has opened up a new era of world proletarian revolution and the colonial and semi-colonial national democratic revolution under the leadership of the proletariat. After the October Revolution, the proletariat of all countries of the oppressed people, oppressed nations struggle for liberation booming high.

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