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November 6.1948-Huaihai Campaign begins

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November 6, 1948 (, October sixth days of the Lunar New Year), the Huaihai Campaign.

Huaihai Campaign begins
Huaihai Campaign begins
Huaihai Campaign begins
Huaihai Campaign begins
Huaihai Campaign begins
a leading member of the General Front Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Huaihai Campaign photo. From left: Su Yu, Deng Xiaoping, Liu, Chen Yi, Tan Zhenlin In November 1948, the CPC Central Military Commission decided by Deng Xiaoping, Liu, Chen Yi, Su Yu, Tan Zhenlin General Front Committee, Deng Xiaoping as the secretary, to co-ordinate with the command of the East China, Central Plains two major field army. East China Field Army 16 columns, 7 columns and local militants in the Central Plains Field Army of 60 people, Huaihai Campaign was launched on November 6. the
Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign, the Nationalist high command for to avoid repeat Wei Lihuang set Xuzhou forces closed the whole army was destroyed mistakes decided the main contraction Liu Zhi Group to Jin Pulu Xuzhou students Bengbu both sides to take the offensive defense to stop the People's Liberation Army to the south, to give up, when necessary, Xuzhou, by virtue of the Huaihe River to fight to ensure Nanjing, Shanghai. The Kuomintang troops Xuzhou center five corps of about 800,000 troops. In
11 KMT 59th Army, 77 Army, led by the third Suijing Qu deputy commander of the Ho-Feng, Zhang Kexia, Huaihai frontline resident Taierzhuang uprising. 59 Army, 77 Army the original Feng Yuxiang Northwest Army Jioubu. Zhang Kexia, based Symphony are on the underground Communist Party members. For the organization of the uprising, Zhou Enlai, and Ye Jianying Zhang Kexia He Ji Feng done instructed the Department Zhang, Ho duo work well prior to the commencement of the Huaihai Campaign uprising quasi-vegetarian. On November 6, the battle started. In the early morning of the 8th, He Ji Feng, Zhang Kexia announced the uprising in the afternoon, the Ministry of the scheduled withdrawal of Fangde drove into the canal north shore. 9, 2011, mutinous troops from Taierzhuang first-line crossing the North Canal. 10 days into the yi County liberated areas. Zhang, Ho uprising creation of the People's Liberation Army the wipe out Huangbo Tao Corps of favorable conditions. the
11, 11, U.S. Army deputy chief of staff Wedemeyer Party Tongmin, Jiang Yun-tien (l $ jτ.cń)], the Democratic Socialist Party of Washington study Chinese battlefield situation, a defensive program designed for Chiang's troops, he told the Chinese The map says: "Xuzhou fall, only to surrender southeast China and Taiwan, Penghu area. According to the the geographic situation said, since Fuzhou, Kunming triangle, easier to defend, so I draw a representative of the strategic heart of the red line. Except for the high economic value of Sichuan Province, and should not give up easily, so I draw a dotted line, that the pilot keep the meter. "Now the U.S. Navy still cling to Qingdao base, the purpose of that support level, Tianjin triangle Fu Zuoyi defenders, able to contain the Chinese Communist army, not instantly a large number of southern advance, hope to drag long so arranged defensive southeast Banbi strategic base. "November 22,
, JIANG Jun VII Corps commander Huang Botao the Huaihai Campaign nianzhuang battle PLA killed. Huang Botao native of Guangdong Meixian, born in Tianjin in 1900, into the Army in 1918, the ninth the mixed brigades school barracks, after the fifth learning into the of Jiangsu officer education group. Calendar Renying Chang, division chief of staff, deputy brigade commander, division commander, military orders, high participation, the army commander and other staff. Menglianggu battle, he served as a corps commander of the 4th column, 74 teachers are wiped out by the punishment of dismissal in office ". This year, in northern Jiangsu and Yudong combat rather efforts to win the trust of the Chiang Kai-shek. In September, was promoted to the newly formed 7th Corps commander, his troops PLA surrounded in nianzhuang areas, annihilated. the
11 29, when double-stacking war in the region to tension on the occasion, the division of the Kuomintang 85th Army 110 5,000 to hold battlefield uprising led by the divisional commander Liao Yun Zhou. The 11O division of the original Feng Yuxiang the Northwest Army Jioubu, Liao Yun Zhou is the underground Communist Party members. After the start of the Huaihai Campaign, where the 110 Division 12 Corps on November 24 by the People's Liberation Army surrounded Anhui Su County Shuangduiji region, Liao Yun Zhou and other Chinese Communists underground party members decided to multiply break out of the machine uprising, and the uprising plan and relevant military intelligence notification of the People's Liberation Army. 28, Liao Yun Zhou, the uprising plan to announce to the whole division. 29, 110 division PLA pre-designated route to the People's Liberation Army's positions on successful uprising. This action disrupted Huang Weibing group breakout plan, it has completely wiped out. flee to Xuzhou West
Du Yuming his troops three Corps, surrounded by 11 columns of East China Field Army in northeast Yongcheng the Qinglong set, Chen guanzhuang region, and its breakthrough Sun Yuanliang 16 Corps annihilated. January 6, 1949, the East China Field Army launched a general offensive the Qinglong sets, Chen Xiaoguanzhuang region surrounded by the enemy, to fight after the 4th, to wipe out the 2nd Corps, 13th Corps, the capture of Xuzhou the "Suppression total deputy commander Du Yuming killed 2 Corps Commander Qiu Qingquan. Ended in victory in the Battle of the 10th, which lasted 65 days, the eradication of the troops of the Kuomintang Army 5 Corps and a pacification zone, the 56 divisions of the army of 22 (with a half-division uprising), a total of 55 million people. In addition, aid repulsed by Nanjing 6, 8 two Corps. To this basic liberation of East China, Central Plains, north of the Yangtze River, the KMT ruling center Nanjing in the People's Liberation Army under the direct threat of the KMT ruling clique into a disintegrated state.
People's Liberation Army soldiers in the East China Field Army breakthrough nianzhuang the Waihao
Rao Shushi (right) met with Ho-Ocean (in) and Zhang Kexia (left)
; the Pictured Huang Baitao battle the legacy photo and badge
November 30,
, Xuzhou KMT defenders abandoned their towns and fled south after wiped. Pictured the chaotic scene
fled south when

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