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November 7.1920-The first issue of "The Communist Party magazine secret

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November 7, 1920 (September 27) Gengshen, the secrets of the first issue of the "Communist Party" magazine. the Communist Party, "Monthly

The first issue of "The Communist Party magazine secret
" the November 7
1920, the Shanghai communist group theoretical organ of the Communist Party monthly in Shanghai founded, published secret.
Li Da editor in chief, the writer Yigai department's real name. Chen Duxiu wrote for the first issue of "short words," pointed out: "To our compatriots from the slavery situation completely rescued all the combined non-production workers, with a revolutionary means to overthrow their foreign all capital class, followed by the Russian Communist Party with not experiment with new production methods. ... We can not listen to the parliamentary faction of the deception, we are only a means of class war, to overthrowing all capital class, to snatch from their hands to the regime, and with the labor dictatorship bottom system, uphold national labor the end of the regime, construction workers even No country, the capitalist class never to happen. Journal first call for exciting the slogan: "Communist Party Long live socialism Long live! "

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