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November 10.2001-China's accession to the WTO decision agreed to

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November 10, 2001, September 25 (Government House), China's accession to the WTO decision agreed to. ,

2001 11 pm on March 10, the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the WTO in Doha, capital of Qatar, all consensus, considered and decided by China's accession to the WTO. China's WTO accession protocol to the WTO Secretariat submitted 30 days after China's accession to the WTO ratification signed by the representatives of the Chinese government, China will officially become a WTO member.
's accession to the WTO is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, a major event in the process of reform and opening up in the historic, marking China's opening up to the world is entering a new stage. This is a major event of historical significance in China's modernization will have important and far-reaching impact on China's economic development and social progress in the new century.
's accession to the WTO, the CPC Central Committee and State Council, the foresight to make major strategic decisions, fully embodies Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core of the third generation of collective leadership in the overall situation, the times of the visionary and deepen reform, opening wider to the outside firm confidence, fully demonstrating the positive attitude of the Chinese follow the trend of economic globalization, actively participate in international competition and cooperation. 15 years, the tremendous achievements of China's reform and opening up, China's participation in the multilateral trading system conditions and possible; unremitting efforts made by China to join the WTO also effectively promoted the whole process of China's reform and opening up. (? V history today?? Com)
accession to the WTO of China's reform and opening up and economic development of their own needs. WTO (formerly GATT) is the world's major international organizations dealing with trade issues, its basic function is to formulate and oversee the implementation of multilateral trade rules, the organization of multilateral trade negotiations to resolve trade disputes between members of the world economy and trade development plays an irreplaceable role. Currently, trade between WTO members accounted for 95% of global trade. China's accession to the WTO, the world's largest multilateral trading system, regional economic and trade ties will further strengthen our country and the world, the expansion of China's opening up a new space, will help to promote the improvement of China's socialist market economic system, for nationals inject new vitality into a sustained, rapid and healthy development of the economy, is consistent with China's reform and opening up, and the goal of establishing a socialist market economic system.
's accession to the WTO is deeply involved in the needs of the process of economic globalization. Economic globalization is an important feature in today's world economic development, it is to promote the rapid development of science and technology to the global operations of multinational companies as a carrier, a profound worldwide industrial restructuring. Economic globalization is an objective trend of the development of the world economy, it is a double-edged sword, used well, benefiting; well, you will suffer the consequences. The key issue is to be a comprehensive look at this trend. This requires that we should have the courage and good at adding to the international division of labor and cooperation under the conditions of economic globalization, while avoiding disadvantages, take full advantage of the favorable factors and resources to accelerate the development and strengthen ourselves, in a timely manner to prevent and control adverse factors and risks that may arise. By joining the WTO, we will further accelerate the pace of improvement of the socialist market economic system, to open up to the outside world in a wider range and deeper level, our effective participation in economic globalization to create the institutional conditions and policy guarantees.
China's accession to the WTO is the WTO's own needs. China is the largest developing country in the world, without China's participation, the WTO is not complete, and does not reflect the universality and impartiality of the multilateral trading system. China's accession to the WTO will play an active and constructive role in the establishment of a new international economic order to launch a new round of multilateral trade negotiations. After joining the WTO, China's economic system will be more in line with prevailing international rules, and greatly improve the industry and investment environment in China. At the same time, China's huge market potential will be gradually transformed into real purchasing power, and thus provide a huge market and business opportunities for all countries and regions of the world, which will surely make new contributions to humanity as a whole.
as involved in the process of economic globalization, China's accession to the WTO pros and cons, but generally in line with China's fundamental interests and long-term interests. Accession to the WTO will bring development opportunities in many ways beneficial to continue to deepen the reform of the economic system and promote economic structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, is conducive to the expansion of total employment and improve people's living standards; conducive to their comparative advantage. more to expand exports and make better use of foreign capital; facilitate the implementation of the "going out" strategy, and to participate in international competition and cooperation in the wider world; conducive to the formulation of China's participation in international economic and trade rules, the share of the multilateral trading system and economic global of the benefits. Accession to the WTO will we face some serious challenges to government departments from the concept of economic management, institutional need to make the necessary adjustments, enterprise management, the operating mechanism also needs to be done to corresponding changes; With more offshore products and services to enter the domestic market, and some of our industry will face more intense competition, especially those high costs, low level of technology and backward management company will suffer a certain amount of shock and pressure. In this regard, we need to have an adequate estimate.
scientific dialectical analysis of the pros and cons of China's accession to the WTO should. To play to the initiative, and strive to better bring strive to achieve the overall situation on the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. To do this, you must do a good job all the preparations for accession to the WTO. Should fully understand that, we can seize the opportunities of accession to the WTO, to meet the challenges of the accession to the WTO, in the final analysis, depends on our ability to run their own affairs, the ability to continuously improve the comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness. This requires from the overall situation, plan ahead, and actively respond to, take the appropriate policies and measures, and efforts to improve the socialist market economic system, standardize the policies, laws and administrative system, further unified and open up the domestic market for domestic and foreign enterprises, and create a fair, transparent competitive environment. China is a responsible big country, and the commitments made in the negotiations as part of the accession to the WTO rights and obligations, China will conscientiously fulfill these commitments. Currently, the top priority is to clean up, revise and improve foreign-related economic laws and regulations, to maintain the consistency of the relevant policies and authoritative; accelerate the transformation of government functions, improve the level of administration according to law; vigorously strengthen rectify and standardize market economic order; continue step by step open market expanding service sector;-depth development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation; strengthen coordination between government departments after the accession to the WTO, and to accelerate the training of specialized personnel.

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