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November 9.1937-Taiyuan fall

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(Landmarks, October seventh day), November 9, 1937, Taiyuan fall.

Taiyuan fall
Taiyuan fall
Taiyuan fall
the Japanese from the boom-slump the Taiyuan walls at rush into the room from 2 to 9 November
1937, the defense of the city of Taiyuan, the second theater commander Yan Xishan organization Taiyuan Battle. the
10 in late May, Niangziguan after the fall of the Japanese army occupied the Yangquan, Shouyang approximation Yuci threat Taiyuan. Yan Xishan the fate Wei Lihuang Ministry withdraw xinkou positions in back on defense the Taiyuan peripheral, (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm) assist Fu Zuoyi Ministry stick to Taiyuan. Wei Lihuang Ministry retreat, by Japanese main pursuit, huge losses, unable to organize a new line of defense, and was forced to retreat to the Fen River West Bank. Fu Zuoyi Ministry
responsible for defenders, on the 6th firefight with the Japanese. 8, 2011, the Japanese East, North Road, Corps main pooled Taiyuan City to launch a general offensive. Multiple collapse, both sides of the walls of the the Taiyuan East, North bombarded Japanese aircraft and artillery bombardment, the positions of the Japanese breakthrough Chinese defenders.
Chinese defenders vow to reclaim repeatedly see-saw competition for abnormal heavy, death. 9, 2011, the Commander-in-Chief of the Taiyuan city defense Fu Zuoyi see the situation is irretrievably lost, ordered his troops westward breakout, then report the fall of Taiyuan. The second theater commander Executive Yan Xishan
(Lssdjt.com) In November, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) Japanese share of the Shanxi Taiyuan
tissue commanding Taiyuan Battle

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