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November 12.1528-Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang was born

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On (Lunar leap in October, the first day), November 12, 1528, the Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang was born.

Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang was born
Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang was born
Qi Jiguang was born "target =" _blank "> Qi Jiguang
Qi Jiguang (1528.11.12 -1588.01.05) the Ming Dynasty famous Kangwo generals, national hero, military strategist, martial artist. character King No. Nantang late Meng Zhu, Han, Shandong Dengzhou people. parent Qi Jing through generations official Jiajing 17 years, Qi Jiguang 10-year-old inherits the parent MG Guanju four products. Jiajing 28 years (1549) to participate in the Wu Ju examination Geng Shu change occurred, so Qi Jiguang was assigned to Jimen wrote after the battle with the Tartar army prepare Altan albums in Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong Maritime to fight against the invading Japanese pirates calendar ten years, the size of more than 80 war, finally wiped away the pirates of suffering. came from a good school, pass through Shida Yi. Jiajing 23 years (1544) by the above passage of paternal Dengzhou Methodist Zhihuiqianshi 32 years the any are Zhihuiqianshi the Japanese preparedness Shandong. thirty-four years, was transferred to the thirty-six to impeach Free official Zhejiang all Division Ye Qian. precession parameters will divide and keep Ningbo, Shaoxing, Taizhou (Zhejiang Linhai) Three government. spin to Ping Wang Zhi Gong rehabilitation officer change keep Taizhou, Jinhua, Yanzhou (now Zhejiang Jiande Northeast) three House. Zhejiang and more suffering by the Japanese while the bad quality of the old army and Qi Jiguang recruit farmers and mine Acts, the formation of a new army. strict discipline, rewards and punishments must be letter, accompanied by sophisticated warships and Bing Xie, carefully trained; he is also fighting for the the many southern swamps terrain and pirates characteristics, the degree of potential trial situation, creating offensive and defensive Chairman should "Yuanyang array & rdquo ; tactics, a team of eleven, together with the shield, spear, and the length of the gun, wolf bamboo brush for utensils, knives and other weapons, the enemy due transform formation, flexible operations. every battle, Czech Republic, are known as the "Qi Jiajun & rdquo the;. Qi Jiguang and Yu Dayou par.

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