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November 16.1899-France forced the Qing government signed the Treaty of Guangzhou Bay Concession "

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The (Yi Hai, October 14), November 16, 1899, France forced the Qing government signed the Treaty of Guangzhou Bay Concession.

France forced the Qing government signed the Treaty of Guangzhou Bay Concession "
1895 Sino-Japanese War after Three interference also Liao, "as an opportunity to set off a frenzy to carve up China powers. Russia, Germany, France prides itself on "interference also Liao" Gong ", given the" return "of competing demands on the Qing government, they get a" return ", has become the United Kingdom, the United States Japan asked for "compensation" excuse. So fierce competition powers to control and carve up China. They race to the Qing government to tout for political loans, grab the concession open tenements; them strong rent land, long-term occupation, and colonized; They carved out spheres of influence in an attempt to carve up China. France not allowed to Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong let his country by the French as the Chinese postal Explorer, allows the French built in Vietnam to Yunnan Railway, set up in China's southern coast Tuen ship the Qing government in
1898 The other four requirements. Britain, France and fierce competition in South China, the French demands caused strong opposition in the United Kingdom. British Government to intervene immediately in an attempt to force the Qing government refused a French request. But France, Tsarist Russia as the background, arrogant attitude, to intensify the pressure applied to the Qing government. Qing Government Minister to France, the French Foreign Ministry said, If you refuse the request of France, it is necessary to "send the ship re-run. , The Qing government to make concessions under the threat of force, authorized by Li Hongzhang talks with the French Embassy charge d'affaires Lu Ban. early April,
1898, Lu Ban note of Prime Minister twice Yamen, reiterated four aggression requirements clearly Guangzhou Bay leased to France in 1999, and claimed, France proposed scheme shall not change the word, to be cleared The government responded immediately. Under French arrogance coercion, the Qing government caved completely, as defined by the French agreed to date of reply. Only in the by corporate governance postal power point, due to opposition from the British, was compelled statement by the Customs House, the existing postal future postal become a separate agency to recruit outsiders presided, France can recommend a candidate. the
in British "Extension of Hong Kong boundary of special articles was signed, the French government Instructions Pichon, France, French Minister to China in Guangzhou Bay must be with the British as much territory". France ranging from officials from both countries participate in the survey, without authorization, to send warships to be allowed to enter the Guangzhou Bay, forced landing, occupied Fort create trouble, any expansion of the range of concession. France deliberately delayed until November 16, 1899 (Guangxu 20 October 14, 2005), China and France before formally sign the Guangzhou Bay Concession treaty.
this treaty a total of seven models, the main contents are: 1. allow Guangzhou Bay rental lease term of 99 years with the French. . Rented land in France, all go to the jurisdiction of the French, the Chinese may not interfere. France could be developed the Articles of levying import ship into the territory fee; military presence within the concession, built forts and military installations. 3 Chinese ships allowed to enter the Guangzhou Bay would fall to the French pay various tax notes. France reserves the right to built since the Guangzhou Bay to anpu railway, electrical wiring.
According to this treaty, Guangzhou Bay actually became a French colony. Treaty not only to France in southwest China has enhanced its invading forces, but also the French invasion of China established an important base in the vicinity of Hong Kong, so as to obtain a favorable position to compete with the British in South China, established the French forces in the southwest provinces of China range. the one
of the the

Qing government signed with foreign countries a series of unequal treaties

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