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November 19.1931-Poet Hsu Chih-mo plane crash killed

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November 19, 1931 (, Xinwei October tenth day), the poet Hsu Chih-mo plane crash killed.

Poet Hsu Chih-mo plane crash killed
Poet Hsu Chih-mo plane crash killed
Poet Hsu Chih-mo plane crash killed
Poet Hsu Chih-mo plane crash killed
poet Xu Zhimo plane crash killed "target =" _blank "> Xu Zhimo
Xu Zhimo and first wife Zhang Youyi
in 1931 11 18, Hsu Chih-mo train arrived in Nanjing from Shanghai; 19 8:00, multiply the Chinese airlines Jinan aircraft fly from Nanjing to Beiping pilots consistent, co-pilot the the beam wall Church are Nanyuan aviation school graduates are 36 years of age. aircraft in addition to carrying on more than 40 pounds of mail, passengers only Hsu Chih-mo, 36-year-old. began the weather is very good, and behold the sky fog the vicinity of dangjiazhuang Hu Yu, pilots looking for routes, reduce flight altitude, inadvertently inadvertently jungle hilltop , oil overflowing, fuselage sound of a crash course on fire and crashed at the foot of a mountain, until the villagers rushed to the scene, the two pilots have switched charred. Hsu Chih-mo seat on only the clothes on fire, part of the skin injury, but his forehead to break open a big hole to become fatal trauma: because of leaning forward, the front teeth also has de Jing night, the rain started falling, seems to be in mourning the untimely death of the talented poet
21 afternoon, Xu's coffin temporary Houses in Jinan humble Um after by friends Shen chaired from the text, Sicheng pro Qizhang Jia cast, son Xu such as the Sun, etc., the remains shipped to Shanghai, by the IWC Funeral Parlour heavy undertakers, Jing'an Temple located Dien, the last burial in the home of the poet's Zhejiang Haining Kip Stone Town, Dongshan Wan Shiwo, tombstone Department calligrapher The Trial inscription victims of bad news in
Xu Zhimo spread, caused great shock in the literary and art circles, and even once with his pen and ink ridiculed Lu Xun also from November 21 Cut on the "Times" reports about the plane crash incident. (l $ djτ.ōrɡ) Hu Shih Hsu Chih-mo killed the next day's diary emotion writes: "My friends, such as Shima genius high disposition thick. really no second person! "Zhou said:" The Chinese New Poetry has 15 years of history, but we do not big efforts, but also the lack of wedge dismay to continue their efforts of people in This is the middle Shima probably the only loyal comrades. "Liang Shih-chiu think:" Shima genius, in his prose to the performance of the clearest and most activities. "Shen Congwen the call: the only way to commemorate Shima, should expand our individual personality the most exquisite of the world a little more tolerant, a little more love. "
Cai Yuanpei elegiac couplet:" talk poetry, the move is a poem, lifelong acts of poetry, the poem mean penetration, with the case paradise of its own; boat dead drive may be dead, cramped quarters sit also be dead, died in a plane accidental, do not have as a dangerous road. (Lssdjt.com) "
Hsu Chih-mo (1895.1.15 ~ 1931.11 .19), Chinese poet and essayist. study in the U.S. to change the word Shima, small print application. pseudonym Nanhu, Yun Zhonghe. Zhejiang Haining into Peking University Law School in 1916. went to study in the United States and Banking in 1918. < ; br> 1921, into London Cambridge University when special students, began the Creation of New Poems. returning home in 1922, published in the press on the poetry. involved in the establishment of Crescent Society in 1923, also joined the Literary Research Association. 1924, and Hu Shi , the Xiying founder of "Modern Review" magazine, and served as a professor at Peking University. March to July 1925, calendar tour of the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, France and Asian countries, the same year published his first collection of poems "Shima poetry" 1925 10 -1926 years in October, the editor of "Morning Supplement" This year, write poetry "Florence night" and a collection of essays, "Paris Lin Zhao," self-sectional "," deciduous "big Some works he created most previous poems, most of the dissatisfaction with the dark feudal forces, with intense burning enthusiasm, but also reveals the life philosophy of hedonism and vulgar taste of life. < ; br> 1927 in the spring, and Hu Shi, Shao Xunmei organizing the crescent bookstore. revenged of Shanghai Guanghua University, Soochow University professor. later Daxia University of Shanghai, Nanjing Central University professor and concurrently Zhonghua edit. In March 1928, the monthly "New Moon" was founded, once served as a journal editor. September to November of the same year history tour in the United Kingdom, the United States, [L $ djτ.ЙЁT] Japan and India in 1930 to Peking University and the Beijing Women's University teach. 1931 (on TodayOnHistory.com) and Chen Mengjia Fang Weide founder of "Poetry Quarterly. poems of this period, erase the anger deep tone, deserting disappointed sigh. < br> collection of short stories of his collection of poems in addition to "Shima poetry", "Florence night," Tigers set and behind Chen Mengjia whom edit "Wandering". "roulette" drama "Bian Kungang the (cooperation with LiuXiaoMan) Diary love eyebrow Xiaozha "translation" dead city "," Mansfield collection of short stories "(L $ djτ.cōm) was published in 1991," XU Complete Works of poems mostly lyrics, adept at the delicate brush strokes rich and complex emotional language naturally, skillful, both authentic spoken and refinement of art, unique flowing Qingying fantastic. less creative prose form of bondage, easier performance of unrestrained and uninhibited. the emotional In 1919 America of Xu Zhimo
Hsu Chih-mo, second wife LiuXiaoMan

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