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November 25.1979-"Bohai No. 2 drilling ship sinking

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(Kang Xi October sixth days), November 25, 1979, "Bohai No. 2 drilling ship sinking. In In 1979, November 25, 2010, Offshore Oil Exploration Bureau, Ministry of Petroleum Bohai No. 2 drilling rigs tow Airlines operating on the way the migration wells bit in the Bohai Bay capsized, 72 people died, the direct economic losses more than 3700 million. This is rare in Tianjin, the most significant since the founding of the petroleum systems of fatalities, the world of offshore oil exploration history.

"Bohai No. 2 drilling ship sinking
"Bohai No. 2" drilling vessel is a jack-up drilling rigs abroad in 1973, from the mat, the three parts of the platform, pile foot for large special non-motorized boat for marine oil drilling. Relocated to the new well sites, you should uninstall the whole ship to bear the variable load to minimize, down the platform to enhance the mat, the mat platform snapping exclude mat ballast water ballast tanks, anchor pile foot placed the wedge fixed, by the tug towage.
According to the survey, in November 1979, Offshore Oil Exploration Bureau plans "Bohai No. 2 drilling rigs original well location the new wells bit moved to a flight distance of 117 nautical miles. Towing tasks, migration arrangements "Bohai No. 2 person in charge of dispatching room the morning of November 22 by the Bureau meeting chaired towage. Before the November 12 "Bohai No. 2" captain from the sea, sent a telegram, informed platform on the 3rd of submersible pumps fell into the water, the requirement to send divers salvage. "Bohai No. 2" after the migration task is to determine, November 20th, the 21st, "Bohai No. 2" captain twice a telegram sent from the sea to the Bureau, the drilling at the requirement to send divers to salvage the estimated fall buoyancy ( the mat) submersible pump on the tank, unloading and towage three ships, the 8,000 horsepower tugboat main drag, and the other two left rear, right rear to help drag, pointed out that such stability, speed drag. The towage meeting read "Bohai No. 2," the captain on the 20th, the 21st telegraph, after discussion decided: not uninstall the original well location and fishing diving pump (avoid submersible pumps, platform bursting determine buoyancy (mat ) remain 1 meter gap between the cabin and the platform), 4 nautical miles from the new well is located in order to be able to place the transition points liter ship once fishing pump uninstall, such as the new wells bit depth can directly place is no longer set the transition point fishing is no longer pump unloading; tugs dragged the vessel with a 8,000-horsepower 282. The morning of March 23,
11, on the the Bureau leadership cadres brief meeting, the Board, the dispatch room, another person in charge briefly reported on a the towage meeting decided matters Bureau leadership does not raise objections, agreed. Night, 282 tugboat arrived Bohai No. 2 "at anchor to be dragged.
11 months 24 morning, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong Meteorological Observatory issued a gale warning, the responsible person of the Board, the dispatch room brief meeting made a report to the Bureau of leading cadres, and to estimate the "Bohai No. 2" will not drop ship. At the same time, the drilling at scheduling duty officer should not drop ship the recommendations of the "Bohai No. 2 to the competent person in charge, but at the competent person in charge only direct Meteorological Department informed" Bohai No. 2, while did not make the decision to not drop ship. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
in November 24, 2011 8 point 3, 282 tugboat near the Bohai No. 2 "mooring swell big failure; 8 o'clock 59 minutes second ribbon cable successful, then drop ship. The 10:44 start towage. "Bohai No. 2" freeboard height of about 1 meter (3 meters). After 20 o'clock, the wind gradually increased, reaching 8-9, gust 10. The low freeboard deck is submerged in the water. the
11, 25 at 10, "Bohai No. 2 ventilators to be interrupted, the large influx of seawater pump room, the whole ship workers selfless bravery for risk, the end result of a serious danger, grab blocking invalid, the hull quickly lose balance, longitude 119 degrees 37 minutes and 8 seconds at 3:35, at latitude 38 degrees 41 minutes and 5 seconds at sea dumping sank. 74 workers on board, in addition to two people saved, other comrades were all killed. drilling boat capsized
"Bohai No. 2, No. 282 tugboat no immediately in accordance sailing regulations issued an international distress signal determination wreck the ship's position, the delays reported not to wreck the exact location. Aboard lifeboats, liferafts were not put in the rescue.
the main reason for the cause of the accident, towage, salvage no suspect falls on Shen dunnage submersible pump, resulting in 1 meter gap between the mat and platform, the two parts can not snapping loss Exclude mat ballast cabin ballast water conditions. This makes the "Bohai No. 2 heavy load, deep draft, low freeboard, stability, and undermine the" Bohai No. 2 "towing operations intact stability requirements, and seriously undermine the survival of the ship resist storms capacity, in violation of the regulations manual "jack-up drilling rigs, the ship developed by the manufacturer and also a violation of the" Bohai No. 2 drilling rigs Interim Provisions "drawn up by the Council towage should exclude ballast water regulations , does not meet the the towage state rules and requirements.According to incomplete statistics, from 1975 to 1979 alone, the council kinds of accidents occurred as high as 1043 onwards (major accident over 30), resulting in the death of 105 people, 114 of them seriously, the economic losses are very amazing. After the accident, the majority did not mobilize the masses to conscientiously sum up experiences and lessons, and to address potential accidents. In the end of 1977, the council "Bohai No. 1" drilling platform have occurred in the pile legs Duanzhe accident, but fortunately did not cause the boat to turn death accident. After the leadership failed to cause alarm, did not fully mobilize the masses to analyze the cause of the accident, seek truth from facts to learn a lesson, but keen on Phi Hung to the relevant personnel wearing flowers make great recognition and other activities, the result has not only according to the lesson improvement rather contribute not respect for science, reckless culture of illegal orders and adventure. Even more absurd is the "Bohai No. 2" drilling ship stability calculations book and other foreign materials, it has never been translation, research, until the accident occurred, in order to investigate the case, and only by the Tianjin Municipal People's Procuratorate Please people translated. August 25, 1980, the State Council made a decision on the handling of the "Bohai" accident, decided to say, "Bohai No. 2 drilling rigs in the Bohai Bay capsized after the accident, the Ministry of Petroleum delay serious investigation The cause of the accident, not truthfully report to their superiors, but also failed to take effective measures to deal with the person who is responsible. Accident eight months later, the Oil Ministry is still not taken seriously. Only because of the strict supervision of the CPC Central Committee and State Council leaders, the All China Federation of Trade Unions and the public opinion voice accused the Oil Ministry before making more in line with the actual situation and a more profound examination.
"Bohai No. 2" capsized in the accident is due to the Oil Ministry leadership does not act in accordance with objective laws, lack of respect for science, do not attach importance to production safety, do not attach importance to the staff comments and the lessons of history caused. The Petroleum Ministry leadership bears major responsibility undisputed. The leadership of the State Council on the improper disposal of this serious accident, is also important to dereliction of duty, should be admitted to the National People's error. State Council meeting decided to listen to the Oil Ministry and other relevant parties to report: (a) to accept the request of Comrade Song Zhenming, lifting his duties of the Minister of the Ministry of Petroleum, the NPCSC for approval. (B) The Vice Premier of the State Council in charge of the oil industry Comrade Kang Shien seriously and timely handling of the accident did not directly responsible for the leadership of the State Council decided to give demerits punishment. (C) of the State Council of the comrades who lost their lives "Bohai" express deep condolences and extend our deepest condolences to their families. August 27, 1980 the Ministry of Petroleum Industry, announced the list of the "Bohai No. 2 drilling ship capsized accident victims who: Liu Xue, small commune, Ma Ming, Wang Dunqing, full of the King, AND PROPERTY, Wang Wende, Ye Xianfu history of light, Tian Li full, m sleep early, Liu Hongzhi, Liu Jianzhi, Liu Jianying, Liu Zhibin, Liu Yunzhi Liu Zhibin Guan Xue Kun, Ren Xinjian, Qi Wen lock, Yang again Wu, Yang Guanghua, Yang Wan Shan, Li Hualin, Lee Fu Sing, Li Jinyuan, Li Shouxing, Li Fengming, Li Jie, HAZARD AND CONTROL, on Self Wulian Fu, Ng Shui Jing, Wu Liang wood, Chen Mingyi Bi Yumin, Zhang Changxi, Zhang Chuan, Zhang Juncheng ZHANG Rong-hua Zhang Guomin, Zhang Xiliang, Zhang Chunli, Zhang Jiangping, Chen Wenbin, Chen Jinsheng, Chen Shuliang, Chen Daohuai, Zhouqi Fu, Hu Weisheng, Zhao relative to the country, Fanlin, Fan Li full Zheng Yang, Hou Wenbin, Xu Desheng, Qin Dongliang, Goyang, high Jianzhong, Sang deep-rooted, Gu Yi, Liang Fulong, Kang Yu Yi, Huang printed, Huang Xinxing, Jiang Lanhua, Jiang Jiakun, Ge Chunsheng, Lu root mountain road when Jian Jinxiang Qi, Xie Jianhua.

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