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February 12.1809-The theory of evolution the founders of Darwin's birthday

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February 12, 1809 (, Boshin In the twelfth lunar month 28), the theory of evolution founders of Darwin's birthday. Darwin In 1809,

The theory of evolution the founders of Darwin's birthday
The theory of evolution the founders of Darwin's birthday
is a great British biologist, the theory of evolution founders of Darwin's birthday. Today, countries around the world have human's held observances.
Darwin was born in the family of a generation of doctors in the west of England, Xi Lupu County Once his father Wa Erning collected sent him to the University of Edinburgh to study medicine, and I hope he will also be able to become a renowned family business. But Darwin no interest in medicine, anti forged a bond with the natural history and mineralogy. 1831, the young Darwin by the Han Siluo professor recommended, the identity of the natural scientists, have the opportunity to participate in a global study of Berger ship took five years. This five-year study, Darwin's own words, this is a decision to his life, the major event of the entire cause, in these five years, his trek into the mountain forests. Natural plants, rare birds and animals, strange variation, his whole heart attract went, he began on the Bible, "the kinds of biological, are God created, but the species is the same preaching, started to have doubts. Finally, species gradually change the bold assumption, get rid of the constant preaching of the species.
in order to avoid bias and more according to find for themselves the theory when he devotes himself to forget even marriage, he not only meticulous finishing can be collected from a variety of natural variability facts extensive collection of all kinds of variations of the fact that animals domesticated under the conditions, and access to a large number of books and materials, and finally an epoch-making masterpiece - "The Origin of Species" was published in the November 24, 1859. Marx said, this book is actually also for the history of the class struggle "Natural Science".
Darwin is a distinguished scientist, his epoch-making contribution, and opened up a new and broad prospects for the development of the human sciences, April 19, 1882, after his death, in order to express his admiration [TodayinHistory.cn] to bury him next to the Newton's tomb of the great figures of another scientific community, enjoying the highest honor of a natural scientist.
Darwin House, in south London painted Kent that when the village.

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