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November 20.1937-KMT government moved the capital to Chongqing

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(Landmarks October 18), November 20, 1937, the KMT government moved the capital to Chongqing. the

KMT government moved the capital to Chongqing
Chinese capital of Nanjing bird's eye view: guns have been ear could be heard (on com) to its former glory has been overshadowed
1937 November 20, 2010, the Nationalist Government published a shift Declaration in Chongqing:
since the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, Pingjin the fall, the war spread, the National Government in view of the violent day endless of aggression, Yuan decided to self-defense of the War of Resistance Against Japan, people across the country against the common enemy of all the officers and men of the gallant work hard, invasion provinces, have intense the struggle, the heroic sacrifice of. Elect storm Day IV the greedy militaristic 分兵 west forced me to the capital. Police intention, nothing more than desire, relying on its violence I Chengxiazhimeng. Count for the life of the nation, for the national personality meter segments have no room for the yield of all flesh, invariably with better to die, not to your guns the determination. National Government hereby to adapt to the fighting, the whole situation and the sake of long-term war, the day moved to Chongqing, and thereafter will be the overwhelming majority of the scale, engaged in a longer-lasting battle, to the People of the congregation, the breadth of the land, everyone in this mortal determination, continue the War of Resistance Against Japan, will be able to achieve the purpose of independent safeguard national national survival, is hereby declared, except for mutual encouragement of. (L $ djτ.cōm)
since November 18 of each House of the National Government that an endless stream moved to Chongqing. 20, the central station was ordered to broadcast the message that "the Nationalist government moved to Chongqing Declaration, the central party and government officials have multiplied round of the West, the central station personnel evacuated Nanjing to Changsha. Evacuation is simply flee. They finally get the the Jiangnan car company ticket, baggage of a lot of people neither care with, but the car has been overcrowded, chaos and, finally broke down the glass and climbed inside.

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