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November 20.1980-General Assembly resolution called for Soviet troops to withdraw from Afghanistan immediately

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October 13 (Gengshen years), November 20, 1980, the General Assembly resolution demanded that Soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan immediately. In In morning of May 20, 1980, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution requiring foreign troops to immediately withdraw from. the

General Assembly resolution called for Soviet troops to withdraw from Afghanistan immediately
The draft resolution proposed jointly by Pakistan and 41 other countries. Unity, cooperation and justice-upholding countries in four days of fierce debate, the defeat of the Soviet Union all the obstruction and conspiracy, and finally make this resolution with 111 votes in favor, 22 votes against and 12 abstentions. The vote in favor of the country than the January special session of the General Assembly passed a similar resolution 7.
resolution expressed serious concern over foreign troops continue increasing invasion of Afghanistan and Afghan refugees.
resolution reiterated that the Afghan people have the right not subject to any form of external interference, subversion, suppress or restrain the case, to determine their own form of government and choose their own economic, political and social systems. The resolution stressed that the preservation of Afghanistan's sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and non-aligned nature is essential for a peaceful solution to the Afghan problem. The resolution calls on all parties concerned to strive to achieve a political settlement, and to create the necessary conditions for Afghan refugees to voluntarily return to their homes in safety and without insult case.

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