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February 15.1912-Yuan Shikai provisional President

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February 15, 1912 (Xinhai twelfth lunar month 28), Yuan Shikai any provisional president. the

Yuan Shikai provisional President
Yuan Shikai provisional President
Yuan Shikai provisional President
Yuan Shikai Yuan Shikai, any members of the Cabinet February 15, 1912 the provisional president
1911 Revolution, Yuan Shikai in support of imperialism, either the Prime Minister, sent troops to the Revolutionary Party blackmail conferences. Sun Yat-sen was forced to resign from the provisional president post, Yuan hijack Qing emperor abdicated, the to any provisional president elected by the Senate on February 15, 1912, took office on March 10. Yuan after taking office, the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan and other imperial powers have announced to recognize. Since then, the Revolution came to an end.
Yuan Shikai and foreign ambassadors
,, Yuan Shikai became provisional president of the swearing-in ceremony in Beijing on

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