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November 22.1850-The late Qing outstanding patriot Lin Zexu's death

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November 22, 1850 October 19 (Gengxu years), the late Qing outstanding patriot Lin Zexu's death. the passing of

The late Qing outstanding patriot Lin Zexu's death
The late Qing outstanding patriot Lin Zexu's death
Lin Zexu "target =" _blank "> Lin Zexu (1785-1850)
Lin Zexu is Modern China a great patriot, and his greatness not only is to resolutely fight against foreign invaders, and safeguarding national dignity and national independence, and that he first opened his eyes to see the world, assiduous Western knowledge in modern China has created a new atmosphere of learning from the West.
Lin Zexu Fuzhou, Fujian people, before the occurrence of the anti-smoking campaign, he held important positions across the river workers, water transport and Salt Administration. feudal official career, he gradually revealing shrewd competence and incorruptible integrity style because of his loyal feudal rule. to get the Daoguang Emperor reuse, a former the Jiangsu governor and viceroy. During his tenure, he saw the dangers of opium, the preparation of withdrawal pill, forcing smokers to abstain from massive search bong soil 6 prohibits the opium of the ointment March 1839, Lin was sent to Guangzhou opium ban he actively preparing for coastal defense, I believe the "popular available" and called on the armed groups, peoples' organizations, recruiting water Yong 5000 publicly called people up and defend the country, announced "Yingyi troopship entered inland, Xu pain to everyone with a knife to kill." the Lin Zexu inform the foreign opium traffickers limit within three days of the opium surrender, and shall guarantee never to smuggle opium he he said "If opium day is not absolute, the Minister Day back oath relative to the matter always, absolutely no abort of the reason." resolute struggle of the Chinese people, the United States, Britain, opium traffickers have been forced to pay out of opium over 230 catties. (lssjt.cn) Lin Zexu presided over all the opium at Humen Beach in public destroyed. Humenxiaoyan the clear to the world that the Chinese people of strong will and determination of the drug charges against foreign aggression. (lsjt.org) < ; br> Lin Zexu is an outstanding representative of the time against foreign aggression, and the Qing Dynasty "opened his eyes to see the world's first people." China is a big country in Asia, and has a long history of foreign Tsusho. politics corrupt Qing dynasty, closed-door policy, arrogant, refusing to take science to take the West for a long time, then society is full of superstition and ignorance, ignorant of the world outside China, many of the senior officials of the Qing government does not understand how the world, from China far, do not know that the United States where some foreigners ridiculed Chinese official full I do not know the political affairs of foreign countries, do not ask to test demand, so far China still do not know the Western. "in order to know ourselves, to understand the situation of the Western countries, conducive to future struggles (history today. cn) Lin Zexu led some people to translate foreign language books and newspapers in their own bureaucratic when translating a book is considered outrageous things, therefore, requires a lot of courage. his organization to translate "World Geography Encyclopedia the British Murui write it compiled the" Four Seas Chi "He describes the geography and history of the world more than 30 countries on five continents. then also translated Series Hua Xia Yi words, "a book in order to understand the views of the foreign Chinese things as opening and expanding horizons, constantly sum up experience, the Lin Zexu international knowledge and strategic thinking, gradually enriched his main enemy the United Kingdom and the United States, law separately, the Netherlands, Portugal and other countries, thus isolating the enemy He also separated from the British official and businessman, to separate legitimate businessmen and opium traffickers, these are rich in strategic importance.
the Lin Zexu advocate buying Western cannon to resist Western aggression. vessel, which he actively absorb foreign advanced technology is an important aspect of political corruption in the Qing Dynasty, the arms of breakdowns, weapon backward, Lin addition to manufacture weapons, guns imported from the West, he an Imperial of 1080 tons the sweet rice force Governance SS, purchased from the hands of the American businessman put it converted to troopship in January 1840, he began to buy from overseas 200 modern artillery equipment Humen fortress.
the pass name Lin stringent non-smoking, Youyi known for safeguarding the legitimate foreign trade. the feudal consciousness imprison his efforts to break through the inward-looking, serious investigation of the world outside China, the time was out of touch with reality, blind xenophobic feudal society the open advocate a precedent, to become a pioneer of Modern Reformation Thoughts.

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