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November 23.1864-The Taiping leader Hong Ren?'s Death

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November 23, 1864 (on October 25 JiaZi), the Taiping leader Hong Ren?'s Death.

The Taiping leader Hong Ren?'s Death

Hung Ren? November 23 (1822-1864), leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, one of the founders of the "worship God".
word Yiqian (one for Qian Yi), Han. No. jeep. Guangdong the Huaxian County (now spend city). Hong Xiuquan Zudi. Dynasty, 1843 (20 years) to participate in worship God. Jintian uprising, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) 1852 (the period of two years), had been arrested and transferred to Hong Kong out of danger after. Until April 1860 was removed to reach Tianjing. May, Hong Xiuquan called "Loyalty military counselor", "dry King, Prime Minister of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom affairs of state. The ruling of the year, for "New Administrative proposed a set of co-ordinating global innovation program. Ban cronies, set press officer; advocating the development of the transportation, building roads, (lssjt.cn) Manufacturing train ship set up postal; encourage private mining enterprises run reward technological invention; founded a bank and issue currency notes. Cultural ideology, social customs and aspects, advocate close the temple Taoist against traditional superstition to advocate Chongxin god teaches; and running of hospitals, school and get rid of infanticide, the use of opium, binding women's feet and other bad habits, prohibit the sale of the population and use of slaves. Diplomatic aspects of the proposed trade with other countries, to allow foreigners to come to China to teach science and technology, but are not allowed to its interference in the internal affairs. The basic spirit of this program is to learn from the West, and the development of capitalism in China. Approval by Hong Xiuquan the designed quasi Kanke promulgated. But due to objective conditions, no can not be implemented. He planned and organized Dongzheng and expedition, has made some progress, but the end is not successful. His qualifications are not deep, sudden Ying high, it is difficult to obtain the support of all the generals; because of the with Hong Xiuquan concept quite similarities and differences caused suspicion of Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan's death, he was his assistant, the young King, they are powerless. In July 1864, Tianjing fall. The young King removed his welcome breakthrough in Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, intends paternity Wang Li Shixian rendezvous. October defeat in Shicheng, with the young King successively captured. November 23 the martyrdom in Nanchang. the
"Yew new chapter," This is full of the spirit of the Western-oriented reforms of statecraft, just a thousand words, totally out of Hung Jen? efforts of one. The paper is divided into four. Employing police lost class ", advocated a program of administrative unity and struggle;" air damper, to change our habits, change traditional Chinese unambitious, mediocre lifestyle claims; Law Act class " law Law, being to mark the hearts of mankind,, such as Tsunatsune lun discipline, parenting ceremony by legislation to prevail Yan. " Criminal punishment class that punishing stubborn people, the seriousness of the legal system. Hung Jen?, Or the principle of "the Bible" as far as possible to set up the Criminal Code. He requires not only guilty of Light "treat all prisoners must be strictly in accordance with the Articles of ritual law, the party not to jump to Health and other meetings.
subsequently three, Hung Jen? governing ideology of the essence. The status of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Hong Ren? Reference to Western statecraft, is intended to negate the "Celestial Field System of Hebei Figure elimination of private property and the gap between rich and poor in the backward natural economy based on fantasy, transferred to support the development of economic foothold and come to rely on the private capitalism. Capitalist economic ideas to reduce costs, improve efficiency, he became the Opium War, the first to explicitly put forward the reforms of thought reform of New Administrative home.
However, the complexity of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Manchu court struggle, making Hung Jen? ideal to become a dead letter. June 1, 1864, Golden Dragon City (day palace within the city), Hong Xiuquan die. Guoquan the the Hunan Army captured Tianjing City of more than 40 days after the King's remains were dug up and incinerated. Hung Ren? Stand out, he moved to the border of Anhui and Zhejiang, and the end of September into Jiangxi soon defeat of captivity. November Hung Jen? Young King Hong Tiangui blessing killed in Nanchang. "New Administrative heaven grudge.
the last century, the state-of-the-art of the Chinese people, in order to seek the truth of salvaging the Bilu ragged, gone through a lot of difficult and tortuous road. Hung Jen? Is one of the outstanding representatives. He's out of the Yew new chapter "- from the economic base and the superstructure revamped plan, not only earlier than Westernization and reformers, (L $ djτ.cōm) and walking in front of the Meiji Restoration in Japan. the
Comments: well-known leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, published a famous book of New Administrative

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