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November 23.1993-Cuban government to Jiang Honours

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In October the tenth (癸酉 years), November 23, 1993, the Cuban government to Jiang Honours. Reference, 1993 11 23, 2010, the Cuban government granted President Jiang Zemin "José Martí" Medal. The medal is named after Cuban national hero Jose Marti, the Cuban government granted the highest honor of the people inside and outside. Honours ceremony held at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana. Castro, President of the the

Cuban Council of State, first honors ceremony praised the great achievements made by the Chinese revolution and construction. He said that the friendship of the Chinese people, honored, honored for President Jiang Zemin's visit. He Medal on behalf of the Cuban Council of State President Jiang Zemin chest respectively. The (TodayinHistory.cn)
in appreciation speech, Jiang Zemin said, "José Martí" Medal conferred on him by the Cuban government and President Castro, the Cuban government and people towards the Chinese people friendly friendship. Under the joint efforts of both sides, the the medieval bilateral friendly cooperative relations will be further development.

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