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December 3.1984-India's Bhopal gas leak tragedy that shocked the world

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December 3, 1984 (summer of JiaZi-October 11), India Bhopal gas leak tragedy that shocked the world. The kids

India's Bhopal gas leak tragedy that shocked the world
India to a chemical Konzern the company in front of the building demonstrations. After this unfortunate incident occurred, women also (lssjt.cn) Bhopal the street go the demonstrations
Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh in India, December 3, 1984, it is in here. [τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm], a pesticide plant run by the U.S. multinational Union Carbide Corporation, the occurrence of a serious gas leak accident, brought great disaster to the local residents, shocked the world.
a night of death
12 months midnight, a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal suburb tank pressure rose sharply. Forty-five tons of liquid gas tank filled with highly toxic methyl isocyanate, which is used to manufacture the pesticide carbaryl and aldicarb raw materials. At 0:56 on the 3rd, the gas tank valve failure, a leak in the tank of highly toxic chemicals, rapid outward diffusion in gas form. An hour later, the poisonous gas formed thick smoke shrouded in the city over.
poison gas leaked from a pesticide plant first into the adjoining slum beyond the factory walls, hundreds of residents in their sleep immediately died. Near the railway station the many beggars cold crowded together. Toxic gases diffuse to where, within a few minutes, there will be more than 10 people were killed and more than 200 serious poisoning symptoms. Poison gas through the temples, shops, streets and lakes, drifting across the 15-square-mile urban. That night there was no wind, the air was filled with fog, making poison gas to large concentrations continue to slowly spread, spreading death.
a few hundred meters away from the pesticide plant, a farmer heard nearby heard a dull purr, and thought it was the sound cows ruminant. He got up to go out to look, and has two cows found dead on the ground. Another head cried in pain, soon fell to his feet. At this time, his eyes began to ache. He later in the hospital, keep your eyes closed, burst into tears, and said to the people: "I originally thought it was the plague. "
Many people think that the city suffered atomic bomb attacks, or a major earthquake, lamented the end of the world has come. Then people know the factory leaking of toxic gases, they hurried flight. The people sitting in the car, pulled a wooden car, riding a bike, fled their fastest speed. However, the poison gas is relentless, a lot of people on the run on the way blind and pitched down on the roadside, and never get up again. In the street next to the road, cows and dogs and other livestock in agony.
after just a few nights, two thousand five hundred people lost their life, there are 3,000 names to the brink of the brink of death. 125,000 to varying degrees, has been poisoned, and is estimated to be 100,000 people were maimed for life.

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