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November 26.1902-Marshal Luo Ronghuan Birthday

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November 26, 1902 (October 27) Renyin, Marshal Luo Ronghuan Birthday.

Marshal Luo Ronghuan Birthday
Marshal Luo Ronghuan Birthday
Marshal Luo Ronghuan Birthday
Marshal Luo Ronghuan died "target =" _blank "> Ronghuan, born November 26, 1902,, (today Heng East), Hunan Province, Hengshan County. joined the Chinese Communist Youth League in 1927, the same year transferred to Chinese Communist Party took part in the Hunan-Kiangsi border Autumn Harvest Uprising. Agrarian Revolutionary War, served as a group, a division of Workers 'and Peasants' Revolutionary Army Army Te Wulian Party, the Fourth Army of the Chinese Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army 11 division thirty-one Regiment battalion party representatives, the two columns Party, Fourth Red Army political commissar, director of the Political Department of the Red Army, the director of the Political Department of the Jiangxi Military Region, the Red Army General Political Department inspector mobilization Minister, the director of the Political Department of the Eighth Red Army, the Red Army of the Political Department deputy director, Division One political commissar of the Red Army University, (lssdjt.cn) Red Army rear of the Political Department. participated in the Long March. liberation war, served as deputy political commissar of the Northeast Democratic coalition, Northeast Military Region deputy political commissar, political commissar of the Northeast Field Army, the Fourth Field Army first political commissar of the second secretary of the China Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Huazhong Jun, the first political commissar of the Central South Military Region.
the founding of the People's Republic of China, served as Attorney General of the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office of the Central People's Government of the People's Liberation Army General Political Department The director of the total cadre management, Minister of the People's Revolutionary Military Commission Vice Chairman, first, second Vice-Chairman of the National Defense Commission, the first and second terms of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the 7th member of the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party, the Eighth Central member of the Politburo in 1955, was awarded the rank of Field Marshal. passed away on December 16, 1963 at the age of 61 years old.
Luo Ronghuan his life in the army's political work, from the Autumn Harvest Uprising in 1927 as the Chinese Workers 'and Peasants' Revolutionary Army company Party from until after the liberation of the longtime director of the General Political Department, his life dedicated to all the light and heat of our party's political work has made an outstanding contribution to the political work of building our party and army, known as the political work the great masters.
early in the start-up period of our military, Comrade Luo Ronghuan is a rooted in the grassroots, mingle and soldiers the good soldier thought the actual patient and painstaking ideological and political work of the Party. often go the company, and the cadre after the soldiers Cuxitanxin. battle against "encirclement and suppression" in the march on the road, and the Red Army soldiers in daily life, and a common destiny.
Sino-Japanese War early, he led the 115 division into Shandong, had personally chaired a company working meeting requirements of the company and the grass-roots to play CCP Branch play an exemplary vanguard role of party members and political work with the administration, with the implementation of the various tasks closely together to strengthen the political work building the work of the political authorities, he also asked "came to the company from the company to go." He always asked the authorities to get to the next, often go the actual research.
Luo Ronghuan during any director of the General Political Department, the sick, but he also often investigation to understand the situation to the border and coastal defense forces. (the l $ djτ.ōrɡ) Luo Ronghuan depth the actual research, so he can accurately grasp the ideological pulse of the armed forces, especially in the important moment of historic change, he timely appear according to the new situation The new problem, the correct formulation of the principles and policies of the political work.
the liberation of our country, our military modernization and regularization, encountered an obstacle is the low cultural level of the armed forces. Luo Ronghuan cultural level of the troops conducted a comprehensive investigation, personally developed under the auspices of the "about the implementation of the cultural and educational instructions" in the army, "instructions" issued by Mao Zedong's approval, decided that the whole army in addition to the implementation of the provisions of the combat and production tasks, in order to improve the cultural priority to practice proved that this strategic measures to build our army into a modern, regularized revolutionary army played an important role.
Luo Ronghuan, 1936 in northern Shaanxi

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