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November 27.2025-Eastern Han Guangwu capital in Luoyang

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November 27, 25 years (, Yiyou October 18), the Eastern Han Guangwu capital in Luoyang. In 25 years November 27,

Eastern Han Guangwu capital in Luoyang

Eastern Han Guangwu capital Luoyang.
Han Guangwu (6 years -57 years), word text tert, creator of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. , Liu Xiu is Henkel,
Zujiu Shi Sun, the Western Han the emperor son Changsha king issued by sub-Chung Ling section Hou Liu bought descendants, and Gengshi Timor same great-grandfather. His father is South Dayton Order LIU Qin, Female Fan Xian. Lived for generations in the Nanyang Cai Yang (now Hubei Zaoyang southwest), the case of Local Powerful. His childhood love Yin Lihua, the latter to Chang'an, to see executive the Kingo 车骑 ​​frantic, sighed and said: "The official career as executive Kingo wife when Yin Lihua. The "
Comments: the first emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

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