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November 28.0819-Tang Dynasty writer Liu Zongyuan's death

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On November 28, 819 years (the Yi Hai the winter early eight), the Tang Dynasty writer Liu Zongyuan's death.

Tang Dynasty writer Liu Zongyuan's death
Liu Zongyuan "target =" _blank "> of the death of Liu Zongyuan (773-819)
Liu Zongyuan was born in 773 AD, is a native of the Hedong solutions County, Shanxi Yuncheng Han Yu and his contemporary writers, is also an advocate the classical movement's leaders, both of them were almost enjoy the same reputation, almost occupies the same position in the history of literature, are one of the Tang and Song ".
Liu Zongyuan grew intelligent and diligent, read a lot of books, who has passed the age of 21 Scholars his sharp thinking on the matter is always informative, sharp words, incisive reasoning, famous at the time the Zongyuan or a philosopher. view of materialism and atheism, he has opposed the Military Governors disintergrating advocates of centralization and unity of the country when he served as monitor the censor wanted decadent dark political reform, and actively participate Yongjhen innovation activities, and the Literary and other participants advocate innovative Wang Shuwen Group, but Yongzhen Innovation fails. Yongzhen Reformation failed, of Liu Zongyuan disparaged Yongzhou (now Hunan Lingling County area) Sima, lived there for 10 years, mentally suffered a heavy blow. Later and was sent further Liuzhou when the provincial governor, in Liuzhou, spent more than four years, and died there on November 28, 819 years, he was only 46 years old.
Liu Zongyuan in derogatory 10 years, writing a lot of poetry, to express personal feelings and the progress of political, philosophical insights long-term life of relegation, he had the opportunity to contact with the lower of the community to understand the sufferings of the civilian, so he was ruining the oppressive government of the people, the society's dark phenomenon, write a lot of articles to expose them. wrote his famous "snake say", said the Yongzhou a poisonous snake bite mortal, but catch it dry system medicines can cure many incurable disease. the emperor announced: whoever catch this serpent turned over, can be exempt from taxes., Yongzhou people are scrambling to capture such a poisonous snake. surnamed Jiang farmers are three generations snake without pay taxes, grandfather and father are being bitten by a snake and died, he worked for 12 years, several times almost bitten to death. asked him why this dangerous thing , he said, those folks snake, can not afford the taxes is a death sentence for more snake year to take the risk of two lives, those folks but every day has been the threat of death. therefore, he would prefer a lifetime capture snakes. and Liu Zongyuan sigh: Guren Jiang harsh decree than Tiger ferocity, which also know Fu grabbing harm than snakes calendar harm.
Liu Zongyuan also wrote many meaningful allegory, biography, correspondence and epitaphs. landscape in mind also written particularly well, the most famous is the "Yongzhou eight essays" He was not only beautiful and smooth text description Qing Qi and beautiful natural scenery, but also to their own experiences and the feelings of grief sustenance Chronicles outstanding landscape prose works into the landscape, his life has written more than 400 articles and a lot of poetry, which with the "Hedong Mr. sets", has made a significant contribution to our classical movement, some of his papers also publicity simple dialectic thinking Zongyuan and his works in our literature and philosophy and the history of the development enjoys an important position.

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