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January 6.1941-KMT manufacturing shocked "Wannan Incident

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(Gengchen the twelfth lunar month, the ninth day), January 6, 1941, the KMT manufacturing the Wannan Incident "shocked". Incident

KMT manufacturing shocked "Wannan Incident
KMT manufacturing shocked "Wannan Incident
KMT manufacturing shocked "Wannan Incident
KMT manufacturing shocked "Wannan Incident
KMT manufacturing shocked "Wannan Incident
Wannan "" target = "_blank"> 1940 10 19, the Wannan Incident siege of the New Fourth Army
Pai Chung-hsi, Yingqin, to the name of the deputy chief of staff of the Military Committee of the National Government, forcing adhere to the anti-Japanese south of the Yellow River, the New Fourth Army and the Eighth Route Army in a month all evacuated to the north of the Yellow River. One side of the Communist Party of China to refute such unreasonable demands, side starting from the maintenance of the War of Resistance Against Japan overall situation, promised to Wannan the New Fourth Army transferred Jiangbei. January 4, 1941, the New Fourth Army and belongs to a detachment of 9,000 people by the the Yunling departure northward movement. (Today in History www.lssdjt.com)
6, when the the troops line to the southern Anhui Jing County Maolin, KMT army of more than 80,000 people have been ambushed. New Fourth Army fighting for seven days and nights, exhaustion, in addition to about 2,000 people to break through, most heroic sacrifice. Commander Ye Ting negotiations with the Kuomintang army detained, Xiang Ying, (lsjt.org) deputy commander, chief of staff Zhouzi Kun, director of the Political Department of the Yuan Guoping sacrifice. This is the Wannan Incident "shocked the world. after
Wannan Incident, the KMT tried to blockade the news prohibit newspaper articles to expose the truth of the South Anhui Incident, Zhou Enlai, "Xinhua Daily" angrily wrote "Eternal Vengeance, (lsjt.org) Jiangnan leaf ; the fratricide, phase fried Ho hurry? ! "Inscription. break out
New Fourth Army officers and soldiers
"Xinhua Daily" the the Zhou Enlai inscription
Fourth Army commander Ye Ting
British sacrifice at the - Jing County bee barrel cave,

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