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February 12.1991-The revitalization of Peking Opera "to commemorate the 200th anniversary emblem Ban Beijing observe Seminar in Beijing

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Twelfth lunar month 28) (Gengwu years, February 12, 1991, the "commemorative emblem Ban Beijing revitalization of the 200th anniversary of the opera observe seminar ended in Beijing.

"emblem" means the emblem the tune or emblem play, "emblem classes play troupe emblem tone. Qing Dynasty emblem tune is very popular in the south, four troupes of the Qing dynasty Qianlong Beijing operatic style. Miyoshi classes, the Sixi classes, and spring classes, Chun Tai classes. Multi-level entertainer Anhui-based, hence the name. Qianlong five (1790), to the Qianlong Emperor Hong Li birthday from Yangzhou conscripted the Sanqing class performers across Long Pavilion pillar into Beijing, Beijing emblem Ban the revitalization of the 200th anniversary of the opera observe seminar in Beijing end "target = "_blank"> emblem classes performed in Beijing beginning.
after another the Sixi and Kai show Ni Chui, spring, Spring Terrace the Anhui troupes succession Beijing. During a performance, the six troupe gradually merged to four emblem Ban. A time when Beijing accent (gaoqiang), Shaanxi has first inflow Beijing, emblem classes the concert Erhuang, Kunqu, Clapper,??? The polonium bad screen? ∩ Xi? Of Ai Siegesbeckiae ⑿ Core? Squid to? Ldquo; trespassing wins four emblem classes field "situation.
commemorative emblem classes Beijing 200th anniversary, the revitalization of the opera to watch the performances and academic seminars and other activities, was held in Beijing on December 21, 1990 to 1991 12. This is a great event in the history of modern drama. This lasted for 24 grand occasion of commemoration, not only to commemorate this historic event Beijing "emblem classes, more important is to improve people's understanding of the Peking Opera, and promote the development of Peking Opera, and promoting other drama development.

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