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November 29.1973-Gansu found complete Stegodon fossils

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November 29, 1973 (winter of Guichou, early five), Gansu found complete Stegodon fossils. November,

Gansu found complete Stegodon fossils
1973, Heshui County, Gansu Province, Itabashi the commune territory of the Malian River unearthed a Stegodon fossils. With Stegodon bones belonging to an elderly individual, about four meters tall, is about 8 meters, 3.03 m long incisors incisors thirty-two cm (proximal 50 cm) in diameter, is the world's largest known individuals sword teeth like one.
Stegodon extinct ancient elephant living in the Quaternary period of three million years ago, Tertiary yet reached a million years ago, more modern like physique, long incisors, molars chewing surface with transverse ridges. Such as fossils, so far has only been found in Asia, Africa and the two continents, but are limited to the bits and pieces of the skull or teeth like. The Heshui County found bones, found in the world's most complete fossil Stegodon. Its comprehensive and accurate understanding of The Stegodon the 'shape and other theoretical question of, provide important scientific information, at the same time as the Tertiary stratigraphic analysis early yet reached the Quaternary and Longdong area paleogeographic environment , the study of the ancient climate conditions, provide important paleontological evidence.

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