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November 29.1983-China first issued the "ticket in the ticket"

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November 29, 1983 October 25 (Guihai years), China first issued the "votes ticket. ,

China first issued the "ticket in the ticket"
China first issued the "ticket in the ticket"
1983 11 29, issued by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, China National Philatelic Exhibition 1983, Beijing "(yellow inside design) commemorative stamp set, for the first time with a ticket in ticket The new stamps sets a pattern of old stamps.
countries held about philately major commemoration only "ticket in the ticket. The stamps are a total of two, the first one using the pattern number issued on October 1, 1951 for a special one national emblem stamp pattern, the second gold pattern Ningxia Border Region Postal Authority issued in March 1946 by Figure Yan'an Pagoda Hill. the background of
The stamps are lined with "Peony Tianlu decorative patterns. "Peony" a symbol of prosperity, fullness; proudly soar the day deer metaphorical auspicious. A section of the decorative patterns with two colors of gold, red, gold with gold, green and white. In In 1983, November 29, 2010, the New China first issued the votes cast of votes "
in votes votes, English called" Stamponstamp "postal sector previously issued, precious or a commemorative stamp of publicity significance as a main figure of the new stamps designed stamps. Since 1940 the world's first set of tickets in the ticket issued in Mexico for the past 60 years since, has reached about 3,000 tickets tickets issued in countries the world, because it can show some Zhenyou new issue top of the stamp, and the number and variety of ever-increasing, and thus has become one of the most popular thematic philatelic. tickets issued
our earliest votes on March 20, 1948, the 50th anniversary of postal services was Jinian Qing government, the National Government Ministry of Transportation General Post Office in Nanjing Xinjiekou organized by the Social Service Post anniversaries Stamp Exhibition To this end, China GPO issued on the same day of the first package in the vote - Postal Day Stamp Exhibition "commemorative stamps. [Lssjt.cn] the votes logo printed on the right like Sun Yat-sen of the par value of the corner of the "Republic of China Guangfu commemorative" stamps, left of the pattern is printed on a sailboat, the the aircraft pattern of face value of 500 yuan "General Post Office of the Republic of China was established five tenth anniversary stamps. The full set of a nominal value of 5000 yuan the stamp color of red roses, divided both toothed and toothless. May 19 of the same year, the General Post Office stamps exhibits to the Shanghai exhibition. To this end, China Postal turn "Post anniversaries Stamp Exhibition" commemorative stamps changed India dark green, divided teeth, teeth each sale. So, to say a total of two of the first votes in votes, color rose red, dark green two, each costing equipartition teeth and no teeth two kinds, the nominal value is 5000 yuan. It is worth noting that this ticket is proposed to be issued by China's famous philatelist Mr. Wu Fenggang and personally designed. 1948
[? v history today?? nationals period issue the votes cast of votes "
in votes votes in the context of historical events in a unique the subject matter in the form, since the advent of in Cuba in the early forties of the last century, became Post the sea Art Gallery in the wonderful work, more and more attention of the world postal sector. So far issued more than 400 sets. Of the first package in the ticket was issued on March 20, 1948. National Post Office in
then held in the of Nanjing Xinjiekou social service at National Post anniversaries Stampex, and issued a ticket stamps of this package. Face red like the Guangfu commemorate the corner of tickets issued in 1947 GPO pin issue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's 50th anniversary commemoration of the aircraft. Sailing Wu hundred dollars ticket-based pattern, the upper end of the cross-box Journal Post anniversaries Stamp Exhibition "Nine words, the lower end of the "1948" par value of NT $ 5,000, Shanghai Daye printing company printing full set is divided into tooth toothless two. On May 19 of the same year shall Shanghai broad philatelists the requirements, Stampex moved the Shanghai Nanjing Road domestics Company second floor exhibition issued to carry out the day to Nanjing Stampex commemorative stamps for the original, switch to gray-green with teeth and toothless two tickets in the ticket.

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