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December 1.1966-KMT an Admiral Pai Chung-hsi, who passed away in Taipei

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December 1, 1966 (October 20) Heigo, Kuomintang level will Pai Chung-hsi, who passed away in Taipei. In In December 1966, the KMT an Admiral Pai Chung-hsi died in Taipei "target =" _blank "> Pai Chung-hsi died in Taipei.

KMT an Admiral Pai Chung-hsi, who passed away in Taipei
Pai Chung-hsi (1893-1966 December 1), the word Jiansheng, Lingui County, Guangxi, Hui; an admiral of the National Revolutionary Army of the Republic of China, military strategist, "Little Zhuge" said. Of KMT "the Clique" status after Li Tsung-jen. Pai Chung-hsi Hui, ancestors of Arabs moved to China.
Li Tsung-jen and Pai Chung-hsi known as "Li Bai". The duo is the most powerful place in the KMT military forces - the center of the Clique, and over the years has been closely. (On TodayOnHistory.com) initial two to join the camp of the revolution of the Sun Yat-sen in Guangzhou, jointly with the expulsion of the old warlords in Guangxi. Northern Expedition, the rate the Guangxi army attack to Shanhaiguan. After the success of the Northern Expedition, (Lssdjt.com) and Chiang Kai-shek and other local forces several times to go to war; After the outbreak of the eight-year war, the two mobilization Guangxi army to fight the Japanese, cooperation directing multiple wars, and frequently better fruit.
postwar Pai Chung-hsi as defense minister, Li Tsung-jen elected Vice President of the Republic of China, the Guangxi Clique strength local affirmed. Chiang Kai-shek was forced to step down after the victory of the People's Liberation Army made three battles in the war of liberation, the acting president Li Tsung-jen successor. However, the KMT-CPC peace talks fail, the Clique unable to keep the country, the Republic of China's semi-bi unable to maintain itself forces. Li Tsung-jen, first went to the United States to heal and return to the Chinese mainland in the 1960s. Pai Chung-hsi to Taiwan has failed in important positions, depression and eventually died.
Reviews: death in Taipei, body hair green, foaming at the mouth, bed sheets torn multiple have very likely Chiang sent spies assassination. The cause of death remains a mystery.

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