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December 3.1552-The co-founder of the Jesuit St. Francis Xavier's death

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December 3, 1552 (of Prince the winter months XVIII), one of the founders of the Jesuit St. Francis Xavier died. St. Francis Shah,

The co-founder of the Jesuit St. Francis Xavier's death
Xavier (also translated St. Francis · Sawei Spanish: San Francisco Javier, English: St. Francis of Xavier, 1506 -1552 Dec. 3 years) is one of the founders of the Society of Jesus, first Catholicism to Malacca in Asia and Japan. The Catholic Church called "the greatest missionary in the history; patron of missionaries.
Xavier slightly patron of China, Japan, Goa and Macau diocese Feast is scheduled for December 3 of each year.
Review: missionary in the history of famous figures, Ricci China Notes on also mentioned that a considerable part.

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