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December 3.1859-Katayama, founder of the Communist Party of Japan latent birthday

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December 3, 1859 (Kang Xi the winter in early j), the founder of the Japanese Communist Party Katayama latent birthday.

Katayama, founder of the Communist Party of Japan latent birthday
One day in November 1933, Moscow wind Rin Lie, in front of the union building, a team of tens of thousands of people, is slowly and quietly marching to the Red Square. (History www.TodayOnHistory.com) walk in the front ranks of the Soviet party and state leaders Stalin, he and several other people carrying a coffin, walked slowly in the dirge sound. Who remains in this coffin? Him how he could get such a high honor? Those who do not know can not help but be some surprise.
coffin Katayama submersible's Birthday "target =" _blank "> Katayama potential remains that he is the founder of the Japanese Communist Party, is the well-known activist of the international workers' movement, is a loyal friend of the Chinese people and the people of the Soviet Union. ( history. cn)
Katayama latent December 3, 1859, was born in a poor peasant family in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. and He surnamed Katayama. was 19 years old, to Katayama several Taro home as a foster child, a change of surname Katayama later went to the the Katayama Tsunekichi home as a foster child, to take the business cards Hill latent Katayama latent (L $ djτ.cōm) due to a poor family, his childhood rarely have the opportunity to study intermittently for primary and Normal School at the age of 25, Katayama potential overseas to seek a way out, seeking knowledge, leave Japan to the United States to work-study program in the United States to the people, he Cabo, cook, and did all the chores on their own hard work, has access to a few colleges and universities studied philosophy, history 36 years old, literature, mathematics, English, Latin, and other courses. returned to Japan latent
Katayama returned to the motherland, with great enthusiasm to participate in the workers' movement, and actively promote socialist ideology in May 1901 , Katayama latent Fortunately, Germany Autumn and other jointly initiated the establishment of the Social Democratic Party but that day it was the reactionary government ordered the dissolution of 1911, Katayama latent leadership of Tokyo City workers big strike by the Japanese government to arrest. After his release, in 1914 Nian again to leave Japan for the United States. Since then, he did not return to Japan.
During his stay in the United States, the potential Katayama actively participate in the Communist Party of the United States, Mexico and Canada, the preparatory work, and any Comintern Americas Bureau chairman in 1921, Katayama latent left the United States to Moscow, to participate in the Comintern work meeting of the Empire of Japan to send troops to interfere in the Soviet Union. Katayama latent in 1922 made many trips to Siberia frontline, personally distributing leaflets calling for the Japanese soldiers do not invade other countries to return home to 1931 Japanese imperialists launched the war of aggression against China in 1932, in Katayama potential actively build up, the world anti-war Assembly held in Eminem period Amsterdam at the meeting, he criticized the aggression of Japanese imperialism, and called on the international anti-war organization unanimous support of the Chinese revolution. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)

Reviews: loyal friend of the Chinese people (history cn) Chinese people will always remember him!! < br>

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