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December 3.1863-Zeng Guofan delegate Yung Wing traveling abroad to buy the machine

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December 3, 1863 (October 23) Guihai, Zeng Guofan delegate Yung Wing play overseas purchase of machinery.

1863, Zeng Guofan delegate Yung Wing play overseas purchase of machinery. Tseng is one of the founders of modern Chinese Westernization Movement, is the first by the feudal bureaucracy into Westernization characters. "Westernization" is the transition from the term "barbarian". Originally refers to all matters related to Western capitalism, such as foreign affairs, trade, missionary and Western capitalism weapons, machine production and science and technology and so on. Westernization advertised "since the force Fu" set up "Westernization career" feudal bureaucratic group in the 1860s to the mid-1990s, the ruling class of the Qing Dynasty. Southern live oaks in central to YIK? Dysentery ⑽?? Rage? To interrogate Yin Jie planted??? Hollow of a tree Long ⒗ curse ⒆ the bamboo cane NGOK G ⑸ wasp Jiao the authorities ⅲ ǎ? Djτ.cōm) such as Zhang Zhidong as represented. They think to save the the feudal domination crisis, to resist foreign aggression, we must follow the example of Western capitalism "ships and armament", "training system" activities, so there is the "Westernization Movement" (formerly known as with light Deal "). Its contents: one, the first 10 years, it gathers modern military industrial and strong. Second, after more than 20 years, at the same time and then supplemented organized by the Modern Civil enterprises to the pursuit of wealth. Third, to train a naval build Haiphong. New Schools, to set up the training of foreign affairs, science and technology, military personnel and sending students to go to Europe and the United States to learn. 1861, the Zeng Guofan founded Anqing ordnance is the beginning of the Westernization Movement. The creatures within ordnance gun, the shipbuilding full with indigenous inferior product, is still in the primary stage of groping. In 1863, Zeng Anqing had convened on arithmetic, astronomy, machine, and a hundred people, to study how to set up the Westernization also specifically sought the views of his childhood studying in the U.S. celebrities Yung Wing, asked him today prefer to give the Chinese to seek the most beneficial , the most important cause of where to begin, Yung Wing is recommended that you set up the parent company of a Western-style machine, this plant when the machine manufacturing machines to established the foundation of all Plant. Zeng Guofan inspired. Since then he realized the importance of the development of the machine-building industry. December 3 sent RongHong purchase of machinery in the United States to create the conditions for the development of the modern military-industrial. Westernization Movement have really taken off. Start using the Western machine Suzhou Bureau of foreign guns, the largest military industrial Jiangnan Manufacturing Bureau, Bureau of Nanking, Foochow Navy, Tianjin machine manufacturing Bureau before have been established. Westernization the bureaucracy organized new enterprise, whether military or civilian, corruption, because of its operating blindly rely on foreigners everywhere interference and manipulation by foreign invaders, so both can not reach and strong "the pursuit of wealth" purpose, we can not consolidate the feudal system. Westernization Movement, China's modern industrial advocacy role, but rudely by inhibition of the industrial development of the national capital, foreign aggression is not the meaning of a boycott, but fawning on foreigners fail in the end.

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