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December 3.1877-Modern scholars Wang Guowei's birthday

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December 3, 1877 (, Landmarks October 29), a famous modern scholars Wang Guowei's birthday.

Modern scholars Wang Guowei's birthday
Wang Guowei, is one of the most important scholars of contemporary and modern Chinese at the turn. Academic career in a short span of 20 years, he was in a variety of disciplines of history, archeology, literature, drama, phonology, ancient writing and northwest geographic, made a series of important landmark contribution, both at home and abroad have had a great the impact. In In December 1877, Wang Guowei born in Haining, Zhejiang, a decline of landowning family, he was brought up by strict tradition of culture and education, as the late Qing Dynasty scholar. From the age of 14, he began seriously studying the history books, "Han", laid a solid foundation for his later engaged in academic research. In 1904, Wang Guowei committed to the study of literature is published literary criticism in China first in the history of Western literary theory and modern scientific methods papers comment on literary classics - "Dream of Red Mansions". The text of the masterpiece "A Dream of Red Mansions" and Goethe's "Faust" in control, China's first use of comparative literature method works treatise, it is also the first more systematic research monographs in Redology history, epoch-making significance.
since 1907, Wang Guowei engaged in opera studies. Before the Revolution, he had to write several influential books and papers, drama exam source, Tang and Song Daqu test "," song recorded ". After the outbreak of the Revolution, with Wang Guowei and Luo, bring their families Dongdu moved to Japan, and in the second year of the completion of the Song and Yuan Drama exam, this book reverberate in Japan sinology set off a Chinese Opera Research hot . Since then, Wang Guowei School, specializing in classics, history, archeology and literary studies parted.
"Song and Yuan Drama test" (also known as the Song and Yuan Drama History) opera a summary of the research of Wang Guowei years, the main contribution of this masterpiece has three highly of the understanding of classical Chinese opera and artistic value; further development of the realm, the realm that the introduction of the opera field; first to promise a complete outline of drama development. Since then consistently literati as a "prop body near Peel" rather dismissive of the opera, Wang Guowei included in the areas of arts and literature and the history of science category.
by Wang Guowei In 1916 returned from Japan to Shanghai, she served position St. wisely University Professor, Peking University Institute of Sinology door communication instructors. 1923 he should Emperor Fei Pu Yi of the church, any "goods" walking South study. Since 1925, he applied for a professor at the Institute of Tsinghua University. Cast Lake in the Summer Palace in Beijing in 1927, Wang Guowei suicide. life
Wang Guowei, not engrossed in fame and fortune, and diligently on academic. He inherited both Chinese and Western cultural heritage, took rigorous practical the Qianjia study, and western careful science advanced methods combined. He learned Chinese and Western, knowledgeable, academic invincible lion, but in politics it is misleading fans into lamb, it was not suicide martyrdom "life" for the fall of the reactionary regime. He gave people the impression of a rich academic heritage, but also to the people left a profound historical lesson.

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