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December 3.1894-The death of British writer Robert Louis Stevenson

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December 3, 1894 (the Sino-Japanese in the winter in early VII), the death of British writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

The death of British writer Robert Louis Stevenson
The death of British writer Robert Louis Stevenson
Stevenson (1850 to 1894), the British writer. Born in Edinburgh architectural engineer family. When the lawyer. The University period began writing. The early works the Travels "Inland Voyage" (1878) and "Donkey Trip" (1879). Published in 1882, the wealth to exotic adventure romance set "New Arabian Nights". Best known for his novel "Treasure Island" (1883), describes the adventures of teenager Jim a pedestrian to sea desert island looking for pirates buried wealth. Novel of tremendous reputation, a precedent for later dig treasure novels. With Scottish background novel "kidnapping" (1886) and its sequel "Katrina" (1893) and "Ballantrae Master" (1889), the excellent performance of the Scotland national characteristics. He still has a unique style novella "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" (1886), explores the human issues of good and evil, 1889 Stevenson moved to the Pacific Samoa recuperate created Islander life as a theme in the short collection of short stories "island night Tan" (1893), praised the innocence and wisdom of the islanders, and died on the island in 1894. He is the representative of the new romantic literature of the late 19th century, he was good at writing a novel and romantic things, his characters, often appear noble quality poor, homeless, orphans image. But he deliberately pursuit of artistic effect, to neglected and avoid reflect major social contradictions.
"The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" cover

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