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December 3.1973-South Korea Park Chung-hee was forced to announce a cabinet reshuffle "

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December 3, 1973 (winter of Guichou, early nine), South Korea Park Chung-hee was forced to announce a cabinet reshuffle.

In South Korea, young students and people against oppression and fight for the democratic struggle against the Park Chung-hee Group "cabinet" in December 3, 1973, was forced to propose a collective resignation and announced reorganization. (TodayinHistory.cn)
Park Chung-hee Group "Minister of Culture and Public official" Yin helmet Wing issued a statement saying the resignation of the cabinet "to" assume domestic series of events occurred on December 3 responsibility. " "Cabinet" reshuffle twenty cabinet members "to replace the ten. The so-called "Foreign Minister", "Defense Minister" were replaced. South Korea, one of the young students are the main target of opposition to the more than two months, "Central Intelligence Agency" ringleader Li Hou Luo also be replaced. Li Hou Luo was Chairman of South-North Coordinating Committee of Korea in Seoul. (TodayinHistory.cn) after the Central Intelligence planning hijacked South Korea democrat Kim Dae-jung, Kim Yong Ju, one of the co-chairs of the South-North Coordinating Committee noted in the August 28, and not and Li Hou Los sitting with talks. Park Chung-hee reshuffled his cabinet the same day announced that the of Li Hou Los duties in the South-North Coordinating Committee has also been revoked. The (lssjt.cn)
According to Western news agency, Seoul, political observers believe that despite the cabinet reshuffle, expected to Park Chung-hee Group's basic policies will not change on its domestic and foreign affairs.

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