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January 2.1942-China defeated the Japanese army in the third Changsha Battle

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January 2, 1942 (the Government House in the winter months XVI), the Chinese army defeated the Japanese in the third Changsha Battle.

China defeated the Japanese army in the third Changsha Battle
Chinese army in Changsha city attack forward
January 1942, the Japanese launched to Changsha. The the ninth theater command Tenth Army stick Changsha, the remaining ministries Zeyi Changsha target, "seeking heart offensive" three directions from the south, east and north, respectively, to surround and annihilate the Japanese. From the 2nd to the 4th, the Tenth Army blocked the two divisions of the onslaught of the Japanese and the the heavy casualties consideration of mass destruction of the Japanese, and create the conditions for the main surround and annihilate the Japanese. 4, the Chinese army counterattack across the board, the Japanese army northward retreat. Ninth theater in Changsha surround and annihilate the Japanese planned to to changed to shunt kill the Japanese. Due to lack of the Japanese troops, ammunition, lack of the Chinese armed forces fully prepared, high morale, the Japanese Beiche very difficult, almost every day spent in the battle, the casualties are very heavy. 15, 2009, after more than 10 days of bitter struggle, rely on the Air Force assistance, the Japanese army to break the siege, embarrassed withdraw Xinqiang River positions. Third Changsha Battle of the end. This battle, the Japanese casualties amounted to 50,000, with captain, the officer 10 people associated captain, was a fiasco.

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