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December 4.1939-Death of warlord Wu Pei-fu

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December 4, 1939 (October 24) JiMao warlord Wu Pei-fu, died.

Death of warlord Wu Pei-fu
Wu Pei-fu In December 1939, Wu Pei-fu died in Peking.
Wu Pei-fu, word Ember, born in 1871. Shandong Penglai person. The scholar was born. The 1898 vote Huaijun chen Ministry soldier. 1902 into the Army accelerated school in Baoding. 1906, he was appointed the third town of the Northern Army the Cao Kun Ministry duct tape. Revolution he served as aide-de-camp of the third division headquarters. 1915 Sichuan with Cao Kun combat with the National Protection Army. 1917 liters Marshall became the third division of the. The outbreak of the May Fourth Movement of 1919, Wu has repeatedly energized opposition Paris signature on a contract to support the student movement, drew much critical acclaim. Feng Guozhang death, with immediate warlord Cao Kun straight Wan War in 1920, the United Chang Tso-lin, beat Wanxi Warlords. 1921 two lakes Xunyue Shi,. The first straight Bong war in 1922 to defeat Chang Tso-lin. 1923 any straight Luyu Xunyue Shi, garrison Luoyang. Beijing-Hankou Railway workers' strike in the same year brutal repression, the manufacture of "27" tragedy. Army Commander-in-Chief of the Taoni 1924, the command of the the lineal army engaged the Fengtian, after retreat Hubei. 1926 and Chang Tso-lin the joint offensive Ping Wangxiang National Army. In the same year Crusade defeat. The remnants of the following year, the rate fled to seek refuge YEUNG Sum in Sichuan. September 18 Incident residence in Peking (now Beijing). Pseudo interim government in North China in 1938 give him the title of particularly high consultant, refused to accept. Died on December 4, 1939. (History. Cn)

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