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December 10.1968-Dramatists Tian Han's death

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December 10, 1968 (, Shigenobu October 21), playwright Tian Han's death.

Tian Han is the founder of Chinese drama movement, the opera reform of pioneer, is known as a modern Guan Hanqing. He not only wrote the drama, write opera, also wrote the screenplay, poetry and movie soundtrack. In people's minds, Tian Han is a famous dramatist, is also a well-known poet. The (lsjt.org)
Tianhan Changsha, Hunan Province, was born in a peasant family on March 12, 1898. Starting from the "May Fourth Movement, he was involved in the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal New Culture Movement. Twenties, he organized the "southern community played an important role in the history of China's modern literary. At that time, more than a dozen drama Tian Han created "coffee shops of the night", "won the Tiger Night", "famous dead like in full bloom in the Chinese drama wasteland then blossoming wonderful work. Tian Han joined the Communist Party of China, in 1932, ushered in his second creative climax, he became a left-wing theater, one of the main force of the movie, not only created a large number of drama, and also created three modern women, " maternal Light "," Children of the screenplay. He created to reflect dockers struggle of life opera "Yangzijiang Tempest, is one of the earliest revolutionary opera. Tian Han is also a lot of drama, The movie the episode written a large number of exciting social impact of a wide range of lyrics such as "March of the Volunteers", "Graduation Song". "Anthem," composed by Nie Er touched millions of people. "Get up, do not want to make people slaves! "This song sung all over the country north and south, the war of liberation from the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression sings, inspiring the endless struggle of the sons and daughters of the motherland. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, this song as the national anthem.
National liberation, Tian Han in the peak positions of leadership or stop writing. He created the "Han expressed his ancients dared Mingbu Ping Dou praised. He never imagined that he wrote to the level of unjust imprisonment the "Xie Yaohuan" own but was Lin Biao and the "Gang of Four" gang tortured to death. Day-old miscarriage of justice than Guan Hanqing encounter even tragic. In 1968, he was endlessly denounced torture became ill after disappeared. He did not told their loved ones goodbye, and did not leave any last words, even the ashes also disappeared. Tian Han "ashes" installation ceremony held on April 20, 1979, his friends during his lifetime, Lin Mohan, a hardcover drama script "Guan Hanqing" a "March of the Volunteers" album, a pair of glasses and a fountain pen placed inside the casket. Tian Han for wronged and 10 years has finally been rehabilitated. the
the Tian Han lifetime creation of a large number of various categories of works, According to official statistics, he created a drama script over 60, over 20 drama scripts, screenplays over 10, 900 songs old and new poems extant, there many excellent lyrics, essays, novels, and literary and artistic works, translated works. "Tian Hanwen set later published" (not Complete Works), there are as many as 16 volumes. Tian Han achievements in our dramatic poetry deny anyone away, and his name will forever be etched in the annals of modern Chinese drama poetry.

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