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December 10.1979-Kaohsiung, Taiwan Formosa event

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(, Kang Xi October 21), December 10, 1979 "Beautiful Island" event occurred in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In In 1979, December 10, 2010, "Beautiful Island" magazine founder Huang Hsin-chieh, Hsu Hsin-liang, and other non-party personages to celebrate International Human Rights Day "on the grounds to apply to the authorities to be held in Kaohsiung public meetings and processions are not allowed to. Regardless of the ban of the authorities, according to the original plan to hold processions and assemblies. Attend more and more, when the General Assembly is about to begin, and around 3,000 people. Some lit torches, authorities believe the rally dishonesty, dispatched riot vehicles, field gendarmes discharge riot formation. 19:00, "Beautiful Island" publicity vehicle began to someone speaking and shouting slogans. The slogan intense, "Down with the spies domination", "opposition Kuomintang dictatorship", Huang Hsin-chieh, Yao Chia-wen boarding speech. 21 o'clock, the two sides in the service at the front of the conflict deteriorated Gazette massive riot police began to take action, and tear gas gas. The masses, there are a lot of people holding torches, wooden sticks and throwing stones, bottles revolt. 2:30 authorities to control the situation. "Beautiful Island" rally outside the party who has been arrested. "Suspected insurgent"

Kaohsiung, Taiwan Formosa event

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