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December 10.1941-Chinese army began to fight against the Japanese in Burma

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December 10, 1941 (October 22), Government House, the Chinese army began to fight against the Japanese in Burma. the

Chinese army began to fight against the Japanese in Burma
marched Myanmar combat the expeditionary force
1941 on December 10, 2010, the British attache Deng neath was ordered to the Chiang Kai-shek's request, to send Chinese army in Burma arming. Chiang agreed to publish the fighting in Burma mobilization order the next day to the fifth, sixth, the two armies. Centralized command Fifth Army to Baoshan ordered the Sixth Army Krzysztof completed in Burma prepared to send the the ninety third division went to the car, and Thailand, the old aspects of search alert sent forty-ninth division Liu Guanlong group advance detachment that Open Wanding.
10, 11, 2009, Chiang Kai-shek twice invited the military attache of the United States and British Ambassador discuss, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia and five countries jointly plan the war against Japan by the United States military delegation long Brigadier General Magruder Roosevelt telegraphed his views. 15, 2009, Magruder recommended to Chiang Kai-shek and Myanmar at stake: In view of the British in the Far East, steadily lost hope that the Chinese army in Burma promptly to protect the safety of Rangoon and the Burma Road. Second that Chiang Kai-shek ordered the fifth, sixth two armies ready to Burma, said: "If an adequate plan to Wavell, is willing to crack troops 80000 aid Myanmar. Wavell was afraid of the Chinese army in Burma will lead to "shadow growing Asian solidarity, actually categorically refused Forward Myanmar embarked on the fifth, sixth two armies in place to stop standby. 16, 2009, Roosevelt asked Chiang Kai-shek promptly convene a joint military meeting, composed of the Joint Military Commission. 23 East Asian joint military meeting chaired by Chiang Kai-shek was held in Chongqing the China's Yingqin, Xu Y, Shih-Ming Chu, Shang Chen, Britt, U.S. Magruder, Wavell, British Deng neath attended the meeting, The five-point agreement reached: Five of the Organization Joint Military Commission (also known as the Joint Staff), located in Chongqing, chaired by the United States. 2, the establishment of Sino-British coalition forces high command to defend Burma. 3, adjusting the three armed forces of the Chinese Expeditionary Force in Burma arming. By the United States to the Chinese army and air force teams of volunteers to provide weapons, ammunition and fuel, and plan to be implemented as soon as possible "equipment training 30 divisions". 5, sent the U.S. Air Force to help defend Burma and Yunnan. The same day, Wavell in Chongqing signed the Sino-British mutual defense Burma Road Agreement ". But he has an excuse to transport supplies not yet ready, still refused the Chinese army in Burma. After American mediation, Wavell finally accept the one-China 'Burma. 24, 2009, forty-ninth Division, Sixth Army Liuguan Long detachment by the British army vehicles arrived Jingdong relieve. 26, 2009, forty-ninth division main Burma regional garrison marched Kunxin, blue river. (1 $ djτ.cōm)
31, Roosevelt telegraphed Chiang Kai-shek, a proposal for organizing the Chinese Theater, the conductor, Thailand, Vietnam Allied war against Japan. Intends to push the supreme commander of Chiang of China theater, and for the establishment of the Joint Staff Command.

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