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February 12.1934-French people calm fascists riots

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Twelfth lunar month, Eve (癸酉 years), February 12, 1934, the people of France to quell the riots of the fascists. French people

1934 to quell the riots of the fascists. the
1930 years, France plunged into economic crisis, political upheaval, appeared Fire Cross Mission "," young patriots "fascist groups. By the end of 1933, Belarus nationals the StarTech Wieruszewski financial speculation in the case was revealed, Xu Dan Cabinet downfall in the scandal, the fascist organization to attack the Republic and the parliamentary system. February 6, 1934, the National Assembly Bourbon Palace to discuss cabinet list, each member of the fascist organizations around the Palais Bourbon demonstrations to denounce the scandal, Mr. The marchers clashed with the guards, killing dozens of people. The protesters also threatened to overthrow the Republic. Daladier cabinet downfall tumult. French workers for the maintenance of the Republic and the parliamentary system, the same fight against the fascists in the streets of Paris. On February 9, the Communist Party organized the anti-fascist alliance. On the 12th, the Federation of Trade Unions called for a general strike, hundreds of thousands of workers demonstrators took to the streets. French people to unite in the purpose of the "unity of action" to quell the riots of the fascists, to defend the Republic.

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