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December 14.1984-The death of our famous Qigong Master Guo Lin

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December 14, 1984 (, Jiazi leap October 22), a famous qigong master Guo Lin's death.

The death of our famous Qigong Master Guo Lin
The death of our famous Qigong Master Guo Lin
The death of our famous Qigong Master Guo Lin
The death of our famous Qigong Master Guo Lin
The death of our famous Qigong Master Guo Lin
Guo Lin, (l $ j而.c里) Guo Lin's death "target =" _blank "> Guo Lin New Qigong founder. formerly known as Linguan Ming, also known as Lin sister exceptional. was born in June 1909 8, 2011, died December 14, 1984. the Guangdong Zhongshan countryman, year-old his father died, six years old with his grandfather lives and living habits boy power and Hua Tuo Wuqinxi 14-year-old alone to go to Guangzhou to study into Guangdong Province Women's Normal studying for the Arts during the school facile imagination, good speech warrant was elected student body president, and was chosen to Guangzhou Deputy Chief of Mission of the student anti-Japanese petition, petition led his unit in Nanjing Kuomintang government after graduation in Guangzhou teach in primary and secondary schools, the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, fled to Hong Kong, the founder of Palit, South College, founded in Shanghai after the Shanghai Women's College of the Arts, are removed from the dean of liberation into the Beijing Art Academy, as the creation of Chinese painting.
Guo Lin since childhood, clever and smart, studious, passion for painting and sport, won the Guangzhou Women's ten thousand meters distance running champion, women's cycling champion, and held many personal painting exhibition in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, known as Guangzhou City, extraordinary woman. early 1949, Guo Lin suddenly suffering from uterine cancer for total resection surgery. the 1959 cancer Go bladder, Guo Lin Qigong as a means of anti-cancer rehabilitation then sprouted after surgery, began a lot of studying Chinese and foreign medical books, studying Medical Science , pathology, anatomy, meridians, psychology and other works, at the same time acquaintance Qigong teacher, after decades of studying and practicing Qigong practice, and finally the creation of a self-contained "new qigong therapy in in the process of founding successful, Guo Lin found no recurrence of the cancer itself is not only the body many years of chronic diseases such as: heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure do not rule and more. (the l $ j而.c里) Guo Lin meditated, if this sets of exercises really the treatment of chronic diseases and cancer, this will be a great contribution to mankind. was determined on September 4, 1971, to the society of human will teach her creation of this easy to learn efficient new to the majority of patients qigong therapy. due to the unique efficacy of new qigong, deeply ill welcome the flood of the majority of the patient, was when Shinianhaojie, teaching function, of frequent blow Guo Lin unwavering, she believes his actions great cause for the benefit of mankind, never take a penny, enthusiastic medical treatment for the patient to teach power, the economic difficulties of the patients, generosity and funded to provide them with nourishment, received by patients beloved. new qigong therapy due to Guo Lin hard sowing spread far and wide, not only in the country, and quickly spread to the United States, (L $ dj而.c身m) Canada, (L $ dj而.c身m) Japan, (L $ dj而.c身m) Singapore, (L $ dj而.c身m) Philippines, (L $ dj而.c身m) Malaysia, (L $ dj而.c身m), Indonesia and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions.
Guo Lin because of the spread of new qigong, and finally due to overwork on December 14, 1984, suddenly suffering from brain bleeding died of illness in Beijing, at the age of 75 the Guo Lin after the death of her lifetime has made great contributions to the cause of the motherland qigong qigong community leaders and the medical profession had Guo Lin made high praise: Because Guo Lin Chinese qigong teach, taught by a single pass, and small-scale development for a wide range of groups professor, the original chairman of the China Qigong Scientific Research Society the JANG Jann Huan, said Guo Lin as set off a new upsurge of Chinese Qigong leaders (lssjt.cn) Li Zhi Yong forward to the "History of Chinese Qigong praise Guo Lin: Qigong for cancer prevention practices the most prominent representative." Guo Lin's hometown, Zhongshan City, Guangdong township government (on TodayOnHistory.com) recognition Guo Lin's power track, its a "Guo Lin pavilion built in his hometown. Documentation Committee of China Qigong Scientific Research Association Taobing Fu Director said Guo Lin Chinese Qigong has three, they can be said to three: & ldquo China Qigong hereditary single-pass transition; first granted for the majority of patient successfully cure; first qigong can prevent cancer; first advocate of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, qigong treatment of cancer. "vice president of the World Society of Medical Qigong MD Professor Feng Lida Creating "Chinese Qigong Park", in the park to build a forest of steles, made significant contributions to the motherland Qigong for the glorification of the late Qigong home to establish a monument, the Guo Lin monument in the first row in the Forest of Stone Tablets A, the monument engraved with the "famous Qigong Master Guo Lin eight golden characters on

, two Pictured: Guo Lin teacher teaching reactive site
< ; br> Photo above: the Guo Lin teacher and Mr. Lin Xiao teacher when he was young photo
Pictured: the late seventies Guolin teacher lectures in the park scene
Guo Lin in front of the setback did not despair, do not back down in the face of difficulties spirit worth learning.

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