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December 13.1995-Wei Jingsheng was sentenced to 14 years in prison

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December 13, 1995 (October 22) Otsugase, Wei Jingsheng was sentenced to a period of 14 years in prison. Reference, 1995 12 13, 2010, the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court held a public hearing of the case of Wei Jingsheng, to conspiracy to subvert the government, the first trial sentenced Wei Jingsheng to 14 years imprisonment and deprived of political rights for three years.

Wei Jingsheng as early as in 1979, important military intelligence to foreigners, and the public engaged in endangering national security, seditious activities aimed at subverting state power, the Beijing Intermediate People's Court sentenced to 15 years in prison, deprived of political rights for three years. In the September 14, 1993, Wei Jingsheng was released on parole in accordance with the law. During the parole and deprivation of political rights, Wei Jingsheng and conspiracy to subvert the government activities. Approved by the Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau on November 21, 1995 in accordance with the law the arrest of Wei Jingsheng.
Wei Jingsheng case by the end of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau investigation transferred to the Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate Branch review on November 23. Beijing Municipal People's Procuratorate Branch according to the provisions of Article 100 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, on Dec. 1 to the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court for prosecution. The indictment accused Wei Jingsheng engaged in the activities of the conspiracy to subvert the government, his behavior constituted the crime, should be punished according to law.
court to identify, WEI achieve the purpose of the conspiracy to subvert the government, planning and action plans including the establishment of financial institutions to raise funds, in order to "support the pro-democracy activities in terms of capital," to buy several newspapers, company start-up organization of cultural events, organized the exhibition of some non-governmental, performances, publishing and other activities to build publicity contact and activity positions attempt to "set off enough to shake the storm of the current regime". Wei Jingsheng actively organize implementation of the plan, an organization is to build the so-called "pro-democracy bank, bought a 12.5% ​​stake in the Beijing urban credit cooperatives, also need help projects his own handwriting" Introduction to the outside responsible person, and ask for the amount of $ 100,000 as activity funds. He also registered in Hong Kong with his brother on behalf of the Health Wave Limited organizing art exhibitions in Beijing, and the name of the company in an attempt to form his "strength and organization". Wei Jingsheng also actively secretly some people inside and outside the study of the so-called struggle strategy, planning to unite the forces of the illegal organization, "ready to go" for organizational preparation for conspiring to subvert the government. Wei Jingsheng also published abroad through illegal channels, the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government is a large number of attacks, slander, defamation of the socialist system, the article advocating the independence of Tibet, with foreign forces and organizations hostile to China echoes, to overthrow the people's democratic dictatorship. secession and the socialist system, to create public opinion. The court of
produce help Project Profile "written by Wei Jingsheng and outside published numerous articles, manuscripts and other documentary evidence, read the testimony of a witness. WEI confessed to the facts as found by the court. Court according to Article 90 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, Article 92, Article 52 and Article 60 of the regulations in accordance with the law above verdict.
WEI entrust their relatives hired a lawyer, defended in court as Wei Jingsheng. Wei Jingsheng also made an adequate defense for themselves. WEI made a final statement after the end of the court debate.

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