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December 7.1798-Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei's death

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December 7, 1798 (Wu Wu winter of early one), the death of the Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei.

Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei's death
Yuan Mei, December 7 (1716-1798), the Qing Dynasty poet poetics home. Word son only, No. Jane Lent, the twilight years since No. Cangshan lay, Qiantang (now Hangzhou). Yuan Mei's death "target =" _blank "> Yuan Mei Qianlong, Jiaqing period on behalf of the poets, and Zhao Yi, Jiang Shiquan the" Qianlong everyone "collectively known as the Qianlong years (1739) Scholars, granted to the Imperial Academy Shu Ji disabilities. Qianlong seven redeployment of an official, Zeng Ren Jiangning, Spring magistrate, political sound good, it was the then Governor Yin Jishan appreciated. aged 33, father of deceased resign foster mother in Jiangning (Nanjing) purchase Suishi Abandoned Garden, renamed the "Garden" Zhu Shi settlers, the Bank said, with Mr. Park. Since then, he was in here after a leisurely life of nearly 50 years, engaged in poetry writings compiled Poetry discover talent, incentives backward 24-year-old was poetry of the cases. Yuan Mei participate in the expedition of the court, the exam is given because the wind would like jade Ke ", the poem" sound suspect to the a forbidden hospital, people like the next day river the punch line, however, the president thought "not-related Zhuang language, the home of the Sun Mountain" Credit goes to the then Governor Yin Jishan come forward, was exempt from the exam. the
author of "small the Cangshan room set"; " with the garden Poetry "16 and" residual "10;" new homogeneous harmonic "24" continued Qi harmonic Volume 10; Garden Fresh with a single Volume 1; prose, chido, Garden Fresh Single said Ministry more than 30 species. prose masterpiece "Mei Man Festival", pathos sincere, spread-old classical commentators with the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu Ji 12 Lang "and mention.
advocate of Soul & rdquo ; advocate writing poetry to write their own personality, "since three hundred to today, Where poem Chuan, is spirituality, not off stacking" advocated direct expression of the poet, write personal temperament Misfortune. "advocate" spirituality "and" knowledge "combined, as the creation of basic temperament, talent and qualifications," true, new, live "creative pursuit, so as to congenital conditions and Acquired efforts combine to create the best, that "poetry for meaning pen, such as the beauty of the hair, and skin Qiao, congenital; Prose essay with typical jewelry such as the beauty of the clothes, the day after tomorrow. advocate literature should evolve, there should be the characteristics of the times, against Tang Zong Song his sarcastic charm to send the "lowly impressive style camp" puppet acting texture faction is "antique shop" cases Song faction "beggar move he opposed to The Pattern Theory tender and gentle," said that "Confucius Poetry credible, 'Xing Guan Qun Yuan' also; untrusted 'gentle teaching 'also advocates parallel prose and prose and Parallel Prose and prose as nature, even with the odd can be neglected, the two homologous vary flow, and their relationship is Kaleidoscopic, two water diversion. clear and meaningful poetry , flow freely. paint a portrait of elegant and exquisite poetry. of
Yuan Mei literary thought the point of view of development, the impact of the feudal orthodox literary point of view, and formalism thought. addition, he stressed that the the parallel prose as the value of literature in the United States certain positive significance but his poem multi Narrations around trivia, and more romantic pastime, lack of social content, some poems tend Gaudy inevitably shallow even to hydroplaning. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
< br> Liaonig Press Pat publication of "The Complete Works of Yuan Mei" eight volumes

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