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December 7.1810-Schwann, German physiologist Sordo was born

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December 7, 1810 (Gengwu the winter months k), Schwann, German physiologist Sordo was born. , Shi Wang Schwann Theodor December 1810

Schwann, German physiologist Sordo was born

was born in Neuss, died in Cologne on January 11, 1882. German physiologist, one of the founders of the cell theory, widely considered to be the founder of modern histology (study of plant and animal tissues structure).
Schwann educated in Bonn, Würzburg and Berlin University of to obtain medical doctorate at the University of Berlin in 1834. Since 1834, he and Johannes Miller (Johannes Peter Muller) to work together until 1838, he moved to Belgium. At the University of Louvain (1838-1847), his first after Liege any professor of anatomy until his death. (L $ djτ.cōm)
Schwann first experiment in Berlin is the problem of muscle contraction. His mechanical contraction can be explained no need to use what vitalism - and this is contrary to the teachings of Miller. View this mechanistic philosophy later by his successor in Berlin of Emile Dubois - Leimu (Emil du Bois-Reymond) and Hermann von Helmholtz (Hermannvon the Helmholtz ) develop fruitfully. Schwann also do some experimentation to overthrow the mid-1930s, has resurfaced View on naturally occurring again. 1836 unexpectedly in his corruption and fermentation experiments found that the yeast fermentation required to participate, but Charles Cañar. Delatour (CharlesCagniard de la TOur) also independently discovered the problem. The same year also found that Schwann digestive enzymes (pepsin). [L $ djτ.cōm]
Of course, most Schwann commemorate the feat is also the most important works of his microscope studies "or" about the flora and fauna of the structure and growth of consistency microscopic study "( Mikiosko-pische Untersuchungen; Mic-roscopical Researches, 1839) a book. Book is the first systematic exposition of the point of view the most important ideas of modern biology: Animals and plants are made up of cells. Same period, Mathis · Schleiden (Mat-thias Schleiden) also raised this point, that "the structure of the cells may be quite widespread, perhaps all organic material constructed a universal principle.
1838 Schleiden proposed that all plant tissues are formed by nucleated cells. The Schwann use newly introduced the achromatic microscope to continue to study the removed tissue from several different animals. He speculated that the fiber conduits, etc. are not composed of molecules directly, but is made up of cells. His cell formation process as somewhat like crystal formation. Cells are not formed by the other cells, but rather by cells, interstitial fluid nutrient solution "agglutination made. His wrong view is that the cellular material that Shi Wangshi cells blastema (cytoblastema), no structure.
Despite these errors, the cell theory was soon accepted by the people. And quickly made a correction. Robert Remak (Robert Remak) in 1841 first described the cell division, in 1855, Rudolf Virchow (Rudolf Virchow) has been able to present his new dogma: "All cells are made up of cells Come on. Embryos based view course modified, renamed protoplasm (protoplasm) 1861 Max Schulze (Max Schultze) to prove that it has clear characteristics and structure.
Schwann these merits, (on TodayOnHistory.com) fermentation research results by chemical authoritative as You Situ von Lee Behe ​​(Jus-tus von Liebig) and Eph Friedrich Weiler (Friedrich Wohler) brutal criticism. Especially after a vicious attack on articles published in 1830 by the two men, Schwann was impossible to continue to work in Germany. In Belgium, he carefully fulfill their professional duties, and the invention of the benefit the mining industry equipment. However physiology made the most outstanding contribution he actually discontinued after Pasteur (Pasteur) research results made public until the 1860s, only to prove the Schwann correct.
Review: One of the founder of the cell theory

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