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December 14.1979-Wuyishan capture "angular strange" for the first time

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December 14, 1979 (October 25), Kang Xi, Wuyishan capture the "strange angle. Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Sung County

Wuyishan capture "angular strange" for the first time
1979 12, 14, captured for the first time a long three corners male "strange angle. blame
"angle" is the scientific name of amphibians, frogs, called "Sung mustache toad, the side length of its lips with a pair of black horny thorns elsewhere in the world it was not discovered trail. As for the three corners of the "strange angle" in the Wuyi Mountain is the first discovered. This "strange angle" three corners, two long left corners of the mouth, a long in the right corners of the mouth, the pupil was a longitudinal shape, and with the intensity of light to shrink or expand, was half on the sclera of the eye yellow-green, the lower half of a bluish-purple. Because it looks strange, scientific research departments that considerable research value.

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