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December 9.1447-Chinese Ming emperor Ming Kenso born

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December 9, 1447 (Dingmao winter and the beginning of the month two), China Ming emperor Ming Kenso born.

Ming Kenso Zhu see deep (1447 -1487 years), or made emperor, Ming Hidemune eldest son, the eighth generation of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Early see Chun Zhu. The Tumu, Yingzong Wala captive. Jingtai years (1452), the throne of the Ming Dynasty were waste as Yi Wang, the Tianshun the first year (1457) Hidemune restoration, has been established as the crown prince, renamed Zhu see deep. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ)
Kenso Tianshun 2008 (1464), ascended the throne, the early years of Yu Qian Ping injustice rehabilitate and restore the emperor Emperor. And can sympathize with the people, good governance, as if for the generation of enlightened ruler. The Ryukyu, Hami, Siam, Turpan, Samaria, children rarely other countries have to pay tribute. Portrait of the Ming emperor multi trespassing, Zhu see deep good at painting statues, who has the portrait of Zhang Sanfeng, lively and spirited, aloof dust sheet. Kenso reigning dynasty, good alchemy, all day indulging in the harem and Wan chaise pleasure than his 19-year-old ladies, and favoritism eunuch Wang Zhi, Liang Fang et al, as well as crafty in power, the West plant cross pleases, Asatsuna corrupt, times of hardship . Chenghua 23 years (1487), Wan chaise died in August, Kenso too grief Jiabeng to when he was 41 years old. Buried in Beijing Changping Ming Maoling. By his third son Ming Xiaozong throne.

Review: a troubled emperor.

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