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February 6.1978-Central Radio and Television University officially opened

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February 6, 1978 (, Dimba years twelfth lunar month, Eve), the Central Radio and Television University officially opened.

China Radio and Television University was founded in 1960. In 1978, the Ministry of Education to establish a Central Educational Technology Museum. February 6, 1978, the Central Radio and Television University officially opened "target =" _blank "> Central Radio and TV University officially opened. CCRTVU is directly under the Ministry of Education, the use of radio, television, text materials, audio-visual materials, computer courseware and networks, etc. a variety of media, for the country to develop a new type of Open and Distance Education Institutions of Higher Education.
1979 Central Radio and Television University in Beijing held the opening ceremony after the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government set up the Educational Technology Museum under construction, except Tibet Radio and Television University, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Radio and Television University, 1986, the establishment of the China Education Television and satellite channels, there are three channels, one channel designed for nine-year compulsory education services. country has a provincial level educational television station 10, 104 prefecture-level stage, tens of thousands of satellite ground receiving station, to the mid-1990s, has been formed in the native range of the world's largest broadcast and satellite television transmission as the main media online learning system. twenty years
, the use of broadcast TV online learning system, we provide continuing education and job training to more than 200 million primary and secondary school teachers and principals, in 1997 compared with 1986, full-time elementary school teachers in China The qualification rate from 62.8% to 93.1%. broadcast excellent primary and secondary school teachers' demonstration lesson and in primary and secondary schools in management training courses. trained a total of 2,313,800 college graduates in the Radio and Television University for 20 years, since the 1996 pilot registration audiovisual after birth, the time students has reached 26 million people. Broadcasting and Television School, for tens of millions of farmers in rural areas and practical technical training.

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