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December 14.1960-Adopted by the General Assembly to colonial independence declaration

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December 14, 1960, October 26 (Boxer), adopted by the General Assembly on the to colonial independence declaration.

1960 12 14, the end of the plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly put forward by the Soviet Union on the discussion of the independence declaration given to Colonial Countries and Peoples.
this discussion is to start on November 28. In the course of the meeting, the Soviet government proposed a draft declaration, which called for an immediate all colonial countries, in accordance with the will and desire to give people freedom of expression is completely independent and free of the trust territory and other Non-Self-Governing Territories. The draft provides for the complete elimination of the system of colonialism and colonial rule institutions to cancel all such territory on the territories of other countries and to rent land colonialism stronghold, and called on Governments always strictly complied with the international relations of equality, respect for all countries The principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity.
43 Asian and African countries (initially 25, later increased to 43 countries) also proposed a draft declaration, it is recommended to take immediate measures in order to give the Trust Territory of the Non-Self-Governing Territories or some other yet to obtain independent territory of People's Power. The draft declaration contains a series of Soviet draft with a principled argument. It also pointed out that any attempt to undermine the national unity and the territorial integrity will not be tolerated.
Soviet Union proposed amendment to the draft declaration of the 43 Asian and African countries shall be given independent colonial peoples deadline no later than the end of 1961, and should discuss the resolution on the sixteenth session of the General Assembly of the United Nations implementation.
First of all segments of the General Assembly vote on the Soviet draft the Declaration on the Granting of Colonial Countries and Peoples. A substantial part of the Declaration was rejected (the difference of 3 votes and 35 votes to 32, with 30 abstentions). This part of the vote in favor of the socialist countries and most Asian and African countries. Vote against the major Western countries. 25 delegations to vote in favor of the other part of the draft declaration of the Soviet Union, opposed to the 43 delegations, 29 delegations abstained.
then vote on the amendment of the Soviet Union, the Asian-African proposal, the Soviet Union's amendment has not been adopted. separate draft declaration given to Colonial Countries and Peoples was adopted by 90 votes, only a few countries delegations abstained, they are
Asian and African countries, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Portugal, South Africa federal and Dominican.
Soviet representatives Zorin In summing up the discussion on the end of colonialism, in addition to a small part of the colonial powers and the client, the vast majority of delegates are condemned colonialism, and require a complete and immediate elimination of the colonial doctrine. He said that the vast majority of countries support included in the draft declaration of the Soviet Union, and to reflect the basic principles of the Declaration adopted by the General Assembly, the Soviet delegation is satisfied with. (History. Cn)

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