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December 16.1987-Roh Tae-woo was elected South Korea President

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(On October 26 Dingmao), December 16, 1987, Roh Tae-woo was elected president of South Korea.

1987 12 16, (in history today. com) the CDJP president Roh Tae-woo was elected president of South Korea.
Roh Tae-woo, born in 1932, the Gyeongsangbuk Dalseong. He graduated from the Military Academy and the Army University. The United States in 1959 by the Special Forces training calendar successively held the posts of brigade, the presidential police guard room operations rank as the assistant division commander, garrison commander in the capital, the security commander of the Cabinet the second Administrator. In December 1979, the support Doo glow moving military coup. 1983, he was appointed the chairman of the organizing committee of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. In August 1987, he served as the the CDJP president. Through direct election in 1987 was elected as South Korea President.

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