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February 16.1988-The death of educator Ye Shengtao

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(, Twelfth lunar Eve Dingmao), February 16, 1988, death of educator Ye Shengtao. the death of

The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
The death of educator Ye Shengtao
Ye Shengtao "target =" _blank "> Ye Shengtao
Mr. Ye Shengtao of literary and art circles, the doyen of the education sector, He was honest, polite. The famous poet Zang Kejia once said: "warm, good, Christine, thrift, five characters is a virtue of life, and I think a combination of Elymus body." 40's, the confluence of Sichuan Minjiang and Qingyi
a city, Yeh had employed should be at a university as a professor, that he was not the first time teaching at the university, and is a very famous writer, and mastered in major bookstores MAN handle, he can put his experience to write a few While Dahon but Elymus to the school, the experience bar write only two words, "primary school teachers. primary school teachers in his mind is an extremely honorable title, but it is by This can be seen, how he is not to show off their, Kan ordinary soldier who know it's friends, and that the Elymus so fill in without the slightest pretense, because he is consistently honest rustic, most disgust Ukena catchy title biography grandstanding shameful the old saying, "word as it were." Yeh 'the regular script Pingzheng and natural, Seal rounded both dignified and solemn spirit he sought to avoid Han Yu said "vulgar book to take advantage of posture Mei. "his man, as he wrote the word, does not seek to please the people and its own Wyatt at.
Elymus open-minded, approachable Things have been strong and decisive, serious and responsible, has always been the case, such as compiled handouts, writing textbooks, he not only dissatisfied with some people just copy and that which shall include their own research with their own experiences. claim he was responsible for the spirit of performance and if the preparation "attracted" , especially the for tome establishment "attracted" knowledge that many feel that this is, after all, is hard and monotonous work process for the work of others, but also lost its good for academic research, but refused to go to try to . Elymus they had with Commercial Press copperplate "Thirteen Classics" Bai do Dibon, compiled a giant volumes of "attracted" Starting early difficulties, lack of assistants, but after that he had decided that this is beneficial to the readers, we spend months and years tireless to do, and never give up halfway, which is responsible for yet another manifestation of the spirit of his work during the war
the Kuomintang areas of intellectuals tormented and persecuted Poverty and ill health can be found everywhere. misfortune for the integrity of patriotic intellectuals, Elymus pinned deep sympathy after he left the University of shift home to the Chengdu living, presided the enlightened Bookstore work. Chengdu is a bustling city, intellectuals gathering center here, Elymus care united many are not satisfied with the intellectuals of the reactionary rule of the Kuomintang They pointed out that the progress of the Shining Path he repeatedly came forward presided over the symposium report will, Feng Lixiang, qing and so pleased to be
Elymus words and deeds in the character and career will always be a model for the later ones. (l $ djτ.ōrɡ)
Ye Shengtao, born in 1894, formerly known as Ye Shaojun, formerly known as Ye Bingchen November 1911 to change its present name. Jiangsu Suzhou February 16, 1988, died in Beijing in 1987,
tao and visiting Bing Xin in Begonia flower
, hospital Dramas < ; br> 1980 years, Ye Shengtao young pioneers with Dongsi nine primary schools together
1919, Ye Shengtao with Mrs. Hu photo ink Lin, in Suzhou? straight, then they do in the land of the primary school teachers < br>
in April 1921, the tao and Identified (front left) Renew (sit in), Shen Zemin (left station who) photo
November 1943, Chengdu, literary and art circles Ye Shengtao 50 first came birthday
June 1971 was taken in Beijing Fragrant Hill
In 1982 11 women to the United States, children perfection, sincerity photo
< ; br> 1949 February 23, 2010 with the the Mrs. Hu ink forests

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